Are you considering relocating to another city or state within Canada? If you are based in Toronto, there should be no hassle in finding moving companies and choosing the best one among the many moving companies in the area.

You may not be lucky enough to instantly find the best moving companies in Toronto after getting yourself into it for a few minutes or hours. The search process could be long and rigorous especially if you are not properly guided. But there is no need to worry because you could surely find the best and most reliable mover if you would observe the following tips.

Certification from CAM

The Canadian Association of Movers (CAM) is a trade association of existing moving companies across the country. Its goal is primarily to help establish its member companies as reputable businesses and at the same time assist consumers in finding the best, most professional, and most reliable moving services anywhere in Canada.

The best moving companies in Toronto can surely be among those that are Certified Overseas Mover (for requirements that involve moving abroad) or Certified Canadian Mover (for moving anywhere within the country). When considering hiring a moving firm, check first if it is certified or if it is a member of CAM. This way, you can be sure of your protection as a customer.

Professional movers with great reviews

Another reliable way to find and hire only the best moving companies in Toronto is through checking customer satisfaction ratings for every mover you are considering. Needless to emphasize, customer satisfaction is the best gauge on the quality of service a moving company renders.

One way to find the best reviews out there is through checking out reviews about a moving company in the Better Business Bureau (BBB). If you are not very familiar with it, BBB is a non-profit organization of companies across the U.S. and Canada with the goal to post free business reviews to consumers who are constantly in need of guidance. Check out and type in the name of the Toronto moving company in the search box to instantly access reviews about that firm.

You must also learn how to discern realistic reviews from mere publicity. Most of the time, testimonials from actual customers of a business work best. You can be sure that the information and ideas you are getting are what you could really expect from a company. Most of the time, a review does not consist only of good features and offers. Logically, there are flaws and it is up to your judgment whether you will find those as acceptable or not.

Cost efficiency

Who would not want to get the best moving service out there at the cheapest possible cost? The ideal scenario is to find a mover in Toronto that is very reliable without shouldering expensive fees. Believe it or not, it is possible to find such companies especially if you would be more patient and persistent in your search.

The first factor to consider when looking for a moving company in Toronto is the cost. What is the best hourly rate offered? If you would carefully look around, you would find out for yourself that hourly rates may range from C$45 to C$75. Naturally, there are pros and cons in choosing the cheapest service available. At the same time, a lot of actual customers rave about services rendered by moving companies collecting fees in the higher range.

Lastly, it would be advisable to also consider free moving supplies offered by a company. Some movers that require cheaper costs do not offer freebies, while those collecting higher fees may strike a balance by offering moving supplies and basic packing services for free. It would not hurt if you would buy or outsource moving boxes on your own (you can buy or get those for free at groceries and other retailers) but for more convenience, you could opt to get the supplies from the moving firm itself.

Now that you are guided, do you think you are ready to find and hire only the best moving companies in Toronto? Wherever you are going, for whatever purpose, take with you the tips you have learned from this article.

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