Finding the best eyelash growth products is simply a matter of finding these 6 herbs in the ingredients. Herbs such as alfalfa, arnica, seaweed, nettle, bitter orange, and organic derived honey are very important in preventing and growing eyelash loss. You can of course grow and find them independently and create your own mix, but that's not highly recommended. It would be best if you find them prepared in a prepared serum that has already been clinically tested.

These serums are in high demand, especially now that it has been revealed that artificial eyelash enhancement products have been touted as dangerous due to their adhesive components. Most of these enhancers contain adhesives like formaldehyde and cyano acrylate, better known as super glue or crazy glue. Would you like that in your eyes? The eyelash growth products that these contain are highly toxic, as recently concluded by studies, and you should avoid them at all costs.

Organic serums are your best option to ensure you have thicker, fuller lashes.

Knowing how these herbs can do wonders for your lashes is a matter of getting familiar with a little science. Most of these herbs act as phytoestrogens, which is simply a fancy name for the estrogen found in plants. They are mild hormones that act in place of human hormones that stimulate growth. Some of these herbal parts also prevent hair loss. While some may also act as a natural hair conditioner that is effective in hydrating lashes to ensure they stay healthy.

You may be wondering why these are essential for eyelashes when they are primarily focused on hair growth and prevention of hair loss. The simple answer is that eyelashes are just hair!

The mainstream media's focus on artificial enhancers has taken us further away from these natural solutions that have been there all along. Nature has been providing us with these eyelash growth products even before we know it. Thanks to the resurgence of natural and organic movement, our eyes have been opened to see that the growth of naturally long eyelashes is really possible.

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