Search engine optimization or SEO is a process to make your website as relevant and trustworthy as possible so that search engines rank your site when people are searching for relevant tags or keywords.

Hiring someone to help in marketing - Especially one SEO marketing campaign - Unfortunately, can be difficult and misleading. But here are the Do’s & Don’ts along with processes I recommend when hiring an SEO consultant:

Do’s of Hiring an SEO Consultant

When you are trying to find out how to appoint an SEO consultant or agency, you should have a clear understanding of what you are looking for and trying to achieve.

1. Do Understand Pricing Structure

SEO campaigns can be either a one-time flat fee project or retainer-based. Both have upsides & downsides.
A flat fee project usually includes a technical audit of your site to find ways to improve duplicate content, broken links and site architecture. One-time project should have an "on-page" component, which means identifying general search terms and looking for ways to improve the content of your website to "target" these conditions.

A partial flat fee project will basically be a consultation where someone sees your site and provides a custom checklist to execute you. There may be regular scheduled check-ins, but no regular reporting or "deliverables".

2. Do Ask for Specifics & References

Ask for a reference, a portfolio or even a "high-level" overview of what the SEO plans will be. Like any commercial service, it is difficult to give special details before starting actual work. However, there are general starter examples that apply across the board. For example, a large e-commerce site would always require technical and duplicate content recommendations.
Bad answers include “improving your rankings” or “building your brand in search.”

3. Do Understand the Basics of SEO

Just because you are not a doctor does not mean that you should understand the basics of bacteria, viruses and medicines. And just because you are hiring a professional to make search engine optimization recommendations, this does not mean that you should not know the basics.
4. Do Understand the Role of SEO as a Marketing Channel
Organic traffic is not something that works in silo. And SEO is not something you "do" and then turn off. It interacts with your social, paid and other channels. Be sure to check your Analytics and know the percentage of your traffic that you get from organic - and how much of this new visitor is.

5. Do Have a Plan & Budget for Implementing Recommendations

Keep in mind that there is a long term channel for SEO / organic traffic. Like the physical world, it takes a little time to earn faith and to be known by people. Often the changes you make do not really affect up to 3 months.

For immediate traffic, paid traffic through Google ads is a great medium. You can pay to rank #1 in a set of search results whenever you like. It’s also a great place to test messaging and keywords to see if investing in SEO will be worthwhile.

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