We can't always control outside circumstances. Lately, there have been a slew of them affecting us all. The impact of the pandemic and the various edicts run deep and wide. At the same time, when we're blocked by stress, irritation, frustration or disappointment, we reject the unconditional love that comes from the Universe. Do you believe it’s possible to do an about face in those moments or are we destined to let the chaos of the world get in the way?

Stay in the Flow

I love when I have a day that resembles a yoga asana. Work. Breathe. Rest. Repeat. When I'm in that flow, so much more is accomplished than when I'm focused on goals or what’s going on in the world. Sometimes life – family, news about COVID19, a flat tire – pull me out of it. Other times, it's my own doing.

It may seem like an impossible task right now to be in any kind of flow. Lines at the grocery story. Being isolated from friends and family. Dealing with financial worries. I know how very real it feels. I also know that with the help of the Akashic Masters, I've learned how not to undo my flow, which is the key to giving and receiving unconditional love. And this is what will keep you sane in the midst of this insanity.

Help for heightened emotions

As humans, we experience an array of emotions, from joy and excitement to anger and sadness. Especially now, it can be a challenge to keep fear, anxiety and worry at bay. When we feel emotions that take us away from our true selves, it's like a kink in a garden hose; it blocks unconditional love from moving through us.

How can the Akashic Masters help? First, they can show you the triggers that create those negative emotions. We forget that past life experiences can come with us and make us more sensitive to experiences that we would move through easily without that baggage. Working with the Akashic Records helps you discover those triggers so you can release them, which helps you stay in the flow.

Second, the Akashic Masters offer personal guidance so you can make better choices, decisions that intuitively steer you around and away from situations that create emotions and block flow. Just as important, it hones the intuition that leads you toward circumstances that increase flow.

This intuitive knowing affects both our internal and external worlds. Perhaps you’ll hear a song that reminds you that everything’s OK just when you’re teetering on the edge of a mental rabbit hole. Maybe you get a prompt to take a different route to the store and find out later you avoided a major accident that backed up traffic for miles. Or you decide to finish up the laundry before heading out and are home to receive a call from a loved one. This kind of intuition is honed by working in the Akashic Records.

One more way to mitigate the chaos

Finally, using the prayers given by the Akashic Masters reinforce your desire for flow and your longing for unconditional love, whether it be offering that love to someone or receiving it for yourself. Affirming forgiveness, abundance and joy through prayer creates a vivid picture in your subconscious so you begin attracting unconditional love and avoid the people and experiences where it's absent.

As humans, we will sometimes feel the confusion, frustration and anger that block the unconditional love we want, but working in the Akashic Records makes those moments less frequent and intense. It opens us to live in harmony more often and experience grace more frequently.

We can't do anything about an emotion until it shows up and we acknowledge it. Our power lies in awareness because it means we can now do something about the flow of energy within ourselves and clear the way to keep the current moving.

To support your journey, I’ve included this prayer, given to me by the Akashic Masters. Print it out. Write it down. Say it as many times a day as you can remember to throughout the day and watch how it puts you in the flow!


Mother, Father, Goddess, God, please let me Love, let me feel love in every cell of my
body as I know my perfection and my divinity.
Let me connect heart to heart with the ones I love
on this Earthly plane or wherever they are now.
As we share this Love we know we are perfect in every way.
So it is. Blessed Be.

Author's Bio: 

Lisa Barnett is the international bestselling author of From Questioning to Knowing: 73 Prayers to Transform Your Life, and The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records. She is the founder of the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom where she teaches thousands of students worldwide how to access personal Soul wisdom and guidance to align with your soul path, understand your soul contracts, and complete your karma and vows. With more than twenty years of experience in spiritual healing, Lisa shares simple tools that empower individuals to find greater fulfillment, happiness, abundance, and health. Please download Lisa’s Free Akashic Meditation at: www.AkashicKnowing.com