A good night's sleep leads to good health. Body requires about 6-8 hours of healthy sleep that helps you to protect physical and mental health and also improves quality of life. During sleep our body is working to improve brain function activity. In teens sleep promotes growth and development.
Risk of chronic health problems is raised due to sleep deficiency. It can affect learning, thinking, working and reacting capabilities.

Few effects which may occur due to deprivation of sufficient sleep:

• Sense of low performance: People who sleep less than 6 -8 hours of sleep each night, feel like they cannot perform just fine, they are actually suffering with trap of sleep deprivation, they often scored less in performance test.
• Gain of weight: Less sleep not only risks your peace of mind, but also make 30% more likely to be obese, as proved by one of the study in 2004. This may be due to slow metabolism.
• Wrinkles and dark circled puffy eyes: The body release more stress hormone that is cortical, which breaks down skin collagen, protein required for smooth skin.
• Increased risk of cancer: Studies have found a link between lack of sleep and the risk of developing prostate and breast cancer.
• Loss of memory: Deficiency of sleep can impair a person's ability to concentrate and learn efficiently. According to research, sharp wave ripples which are responsible for consolidating memory, mostly occurs when you have a sound sleep.

Sleep Needed for Healthy Brain Activity

Brain works more efficiently in good sleep. While sleeping, brain forms new pathways which help you to remember information. Good sleep at night improves learning and makes more creative.

Physical Health

While sleeping body's repair mechanism works which decreases risk of high blood pressure heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.
Mattress of your bed plays a vital role as it is a place where one rests, sleeps, watches TV and relaxes. As such, your mattress should fit you and your comfort preferences. So while choosing the right mattress for yourselves, make sure the one you select should be quite comfortable and provide good postural alignment. It should be firm enough and about 15cm in length.

Things to be considered when buying a mattress
Sleep posture is important in choosing mattress.
• If you sleep more on your back then firm mattress are more suitable, giving you the proper comfort and support.
• Plush layers are helpful in soothing pressure points throughout your body when you sleep.
• For side sleeper's pillow top mattress are more convenient.
There are many types of mattress available such as Continuous or open-coil mattress, Memory foam mattress, Latex foam mattress and Pocket-sprung mattress. Each type has its own features and specialty.

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