At one time in the summer of 2008, gas prices average around $4.50/gallon in the U.S. After the summer of 2008, gas prices plummeted down to $2.00/gallon and people were beginning to enjoy going out more. However, as of April 2011, the price is already $4.00/gallon and it is predicted that it will reach over $5.00/gallon within the next year or so.
Gasoline Prices
The best ways to save money is not drive at all and just stay home, sit in front of your computer all day long! Most of us can't do that because we must drive to work and we live in a society where driving is a necessity. How many miles are you getting from a gallon of gas? There will be no expensive cars in this post and none of the cars here will reach 0-60 in 5 secs, but these cars will save you money on gas every year. see How To Find The

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