If you observe yourself, you will discover that all you are is an emotional feeling. It could be positive or negative, love, anger or hatred, it changes frequently, but ultimately we are nothing more than emotional feelings.

Are not all your thoughts and actions an expression of your emotions and feelings? This is validated in the reverse by one who says they feel dead because they feel nothing emotionally. Therefore, our life is our emotions.

It would be helpful to have some background on the nature of our mind and personality. I suggest you also read; A Human Without Love Is Not a Human Being and Don’t Just Think Who You Are, Know Who You Are: How To Become Emotionally Independent.

Our experience of life is based on how we feel at that moment. If you are depressed, even fun things are not exciting. If you are in love, everything is wonderful. Our emotions can blind logical and objective reason making us do and say things we later regret. This could be lashing out in anger, or making overpriced impulse purchases or agreements.

If you want to look deeper into this topic and attain a great freedom from being controlled by your emotions; Understanding Words, An End To Conflicts and Anger.

On the negative side, the problem is that since we all to often contain our feelings, they can explode irrationally. We then try to contain them even more. Or in many cases our experiences growing up may make us emotionally inhibited. If you are not feeling, then you are not living.

Although I say we are nothing more than our emotional feelings, the cause of irrational emotions is that we first intellectually determine what we think is happening in the situation, or what we think the other person said, and then in our distorted personal opinion of the situation, create our emotional feeling, which is often inappropriate to the reality of the situation.

If what I am saying here is correct and we are not our personality or body and we are nothing more or other than our emotions, this emotional repression which prevents us from feeling deeply results in the unanswerable question many people ask; 'Who am I, really?'

If our true nature is an emotional feeling, and you emotionally inhibited or repressed, then of course you will always be searching and not find the answer to who you are.

Our emotion at each moment is who we are. A loving or crazy, angry person. This changes from moment to moment because of the way we interpret situations and the built up contained emotions that never get expressed.


This exercise will help bring you to the awareness that you are your emotions and it will eventually release the repression which will allow your emotions to flow freely. You will then discover that you are not really an intellectual machine but rather an emotional experience, and then you will be really alive.
When you lie in bed at night, and in the morning as soon as you wake up, even half asleep, do this little practice.

Relax your breathing and breath as deeply as you can, just as much as you can, no need to push yourself, and think about this.

I am not this person I believe I am.
I am not this body.
I am an emotional feeling.

Repeat this again and again, with your awareness on your breathing. After a few repetitions, you may find yourself just repeating the last line; I am an emotional feeling.

Do this every day for a few minutes so it becomes the natural last thought that you fall asleep with, and is automatically the first thought as you wake up. Do this as consistently as possible and you will see how your life changes in just a short time.

Think or say it softly in a whisper, and eventually you will actually feel it. You will feel that what you really are is an emotional feeling. This cannot be explained in any more detail than this, you must experience it yourself.

I look forward to hearing your results, either posted as comments to this article or by email privately to me.

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David Samuel is The Entrepreneur Monk, applying his understanding of the mind and emotions in business, relationships and personal growth.
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