You want to move out of the city, out of the usual rat race and American lifestyle and mind-set. You are tired of dealing with the pollution and the systems of the socialized society which I call "The Matrix." You have grown yourself into this vision of an intentional community where people are living out in nature, ecologically, spiritually and peaceful, in higher consciousness, and on your level of ascension and enlightenment. You've had this vision and this dream for quite some time now, but it never seems to manifest and you wonder why. You wonder what else you need to do to find your community. It seems like searching for a needle in a haystack sometimes. Well, I have some suggestions for you on how to get to your community that you are destined to be in as your next step. You are very close to doing it, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this right now. Here are my suggestions on how to find your community:

• Match Their Consciousness

To find your intentional community, you must first have released all false beliefs and tendencies that conflict with your ideal community’s precepts and people. Many times you will think that you have done this, but you still don’t find your community to work and live with, and so it’s more work needed on yourself.

• You Manifest Your Own Consciousness & Your Growth

You will always work and live and be with people wherever your state of consciousness and beliefs and tendencies are at any given time, and where your growth and lessons are. This is not to say that you are just like whoever you live or work with, but there is some sort of connection to you … maybe that person is like your parent, or reminds you of what you used to be that you still judge within you and your life. Maybe those people at your church are showing you something you need to learn about, through either their wisdom or their lack of wisdom or awareness.

• Be Patient With The Search

So, as you go along, you keep praying for your community to manifest in your life, and you search every week or every day, endlessly, hour upon hour, on the Internet, or through directories, for your special community where you will fit in and feel happy and fulfilled; but it never seems to appear! It’s like searching for a needle in a haystack! It seems so very difficult! Just be patient! Hold onto your dream!

• Getting Close To It, Finding What’s Missing

Then one day, you suddenly find a community on the Internet that ticks off most or all of your boxes, but a few things are missing, maybe….

At this point, you are getting very close to manifesting your community. Whatever it is in that community that you found that you have some doubts about or do not like, take a very close look at that and see if it is showing you some of your own false beliefs or illusions or ties to the matrix, the socialization of society that you are trying to leave behind you.

• Make A List!

I have found that when feeling frustrated with this search for your community, it is very helpful for you to make a list of what all you want in your community. Write down the preferred location, types of natural surroundings, eating habits there, whether they provide meals, if the food is organic or vegetarian, what types of staff they have and philosophies, what their requirements are, what the weather is like there, if they allow pets, all kinds of things that you have been thinking about that you want in your community and that you don’t want.

Then, consider how much money or income it takes to live in a particular community, and what types of economies and housing you want the community to be offering that allows both your accessibility to it and others, as well. What background and life experiences do the people and staff there need to have had to be able to relate to you and your background and growth? You don’t want to live somewhere you don’t fit in, and if they could not relate to you and your life at all, then even if they are very spiritual and it is a very good place, don’t go there.

• Go With Your Level

Be honest with yourself about the level of ascension you are in. You may gravitate to a particular community because it is within your level and your comfort level at this time, even though you would prefer a place more advanced and evolved. You may not be at that ultimate ascension level you wanted as yet, and so the community where you end up right now is at your own level. As you grow in that chosen community, others will grow with you, and eventually you may move out of that community as you have outgrown it and want to move into your next level of ascended experiences with a new, more lighted community.

• Compromising, Waiting, Choices, & Levels of Growth

Once you make such a list, when you find a community that comes close to your list but has a few things missing, you have to ask yourself can I do without that, can I compromise on that, plus you have to be able to intuit whether or not any other community in the world exists that comes this close to your want list. Other communities may exist that match everything on your list except the location or your ability to get there at this time, or may not match your financial abilities to pay the required rent or membership fees in that community. You can either choose another community that works for you right now, or you can wait to move until you have the needed income levels to live in that other community you like so much, or you can compromise and then wait until you can move into a better community. Usually, any intentional community that meets most of your list is better to go with than staying in any current situation you have going on that’s still within the matrix and its enculturized consciousness and lifestyles.

• When It’s Not The Right Time

If you don’t have the transportation or finances to be able to move into any intentional community right now, or if you aren’t finding any communities that even come close to what you want, then it’s not the right time to make that move and just keep growing where you are currently planted; or, take a next step beyond your current step and situation, or several steps if you’re in a position to skip steps, and then keep waiting and looking for your community. Be patient. Be content and happy with what all you do have and with all of the growth in your life so far. Find the blessings within the pain and the challenges. And keep raising your consciousness to get to where you ultimately want to go.

• Watch Your Fears & Worries

If you seem to have found a community you’d like to go with, you might have various fears, doubts, and worries come up to counteract that choice. Look closely at these thoughts, feelings and concerns, and then ask yourself are they reality and truth, are they warnings or intuitions, or just your old fears coming up? Maybe it’s just the fear of something totally new and different. Maybe you have tendencies to fear certain things even still. You will have to sort out these fears and concerns. You will need to find your gut feelings, which can be difficult to do if old feelings are coming up. Yes, ascended masters still feel old feelings and can temporarily slip into old concerns and habits and thought patterns, unfortunately. You’ve come a long ways in a very short period of time, and your new reality sometimes clashes with an old reality you became so immersed in.

You will need to sort out whether your lack of enough money or transportation to get there is due to your not being on their level yet, due to your needing to just wait for it to manifest as you’ve already made the inner shifts, or due to it not being the best place for you to go to, or due to something better is coming soon, or due to it not being quite the right time yet to do it and your needing to wait a while.

Just rereading this article will give you more patience, hope and faith that the right community will come your way and you’ll be able to access it at the perfect right time and be able to make the perfect right choice for you. Hold onto this dream, for it is a wonderful, beautiful, ascended dream! Never give up on it! And be happy wherever you are, even though you have higher dreams. Frustration, self-pity, sadness…this is not what God wants you choosing and accessing. He wants you to choose happiness, find routes to happiness, wherever you are and whatever you are doing, while wanting something better for yourself, too, and working towards it, inside of you and out in the world.

Author's Bio: 

Zarla Leah is a minister and teacher of the ascension path of enlightenment. She writes about how to attain higher ascension/enlightenment levels, how to attain the beginning levels of ascension, and where it is all leading one to. She highly recommends that we create intentional communities, ecovillages, where we live close to nature, off the grid, ecologically and healthfully, eating only vegetarian/vegan foods, living outside of the system which she refers to as the "Matrix." She is actively working on finding an intentional community herself that she connects with, and she is in the process of letting go of her current career as a social worker. She has taught and ministerd through various metaphysical and Christian churches and healing centers; and in the system in the past she worked as a graphic designer and editor.