How to Find Your Passion

By Keith Varnum

"Passion? Purpose? ... How 'bout just a reason to get out of bed in the morning?"

At one low point in my life I’m tired of just being a waiter and retail store clerk. (Gee, what a surprise!) I’m pushing 30 and still don't have a clue as to what I want to do when I grow up!

I've worked with very highly motivated and inspired people. The wise and gentle spirit Fred of the Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood TV show. The inventive and jovial TV chef Julia Child. Many revered Eastern and Native spiritual teachers and healers.

Each has a heart calling that was exciting to them and thousands of followers. Each has burning passion to fulfill each day.

When I’m physically with them, I pray that the electricity of their passion will somehow rub off on me so I’ll wake up one day with a thrilling focus and meaning to my life. But at 29 years old, that hasn’t happened yet.

Feeling more desperate by the minute, every day I decide to ask for guidance on how to find my cosmic mojo. How do I find the inner juice that will fuel my body and soul each day?

Finally, one long, sleepless night I hear a gentle, firm Voice ask me two of the most profound and helpful questions I’ve ever heard in my life:

"What's the highest priority of your soul this lifetime?"

"What's most important to the Real You to experience, explore or embrace this lifetime?"

In seeking my answer, the Voice of Spirit suggests I look for the human qualities behind the outer surface descriptions of the activities that I’ve most enjoyed in your life.

The Voice continues:

"Not all people are here to experience the same aspects of life, to develop the same qualities of character and personality. Some people are here to cultivate their understanding of love. Others to develop patience, creativity or strength. Others to learn to cooperate and co-create with others. You must ask your heart to search through your life for examples of the qualities and activities that have most excited you so far in your life."

The Voice advises that I don't censor or edit any ideas or memories that pop up from my Inner Awareness. The kind Spirit suggests that I don’t discount qualities or activities that arise just because they sound stupid or weird to my ego.

And not deny attractions because they won’t be understood by other people. And not invalidate ideas coming from my superconsciousness simply because I don’t yet know how those ideas can help me make a living.

In addition, the Voice shares a fun “Intuitive Life Review” that can help uncover useful insights, clues and answers:

Relax in a quiet space, drop down into your Heart Center, and ask your Inner Self:

1. As I wander intuitively through my life, what do I see that was out of sequence, out of the ordinary, unexpected, inexplicable, or unusual?

2. What events, people and activities stood out, surprised me, or grabbed my attention?

3. What attracted my interest—or intrigued me—that was different from what attracted the attention of my friends and siblings?

4. What actions or interests do I discover that were radically “out of character” for me?

Write down whatever ideas, qualities or activities arise from this Inner Journey—whether they makes sense or not. Like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, you often need a certain number of pieces of the puzzle to get a sense of the Big Picture that Spirit is trying to communicate.

The Voice advises me to make each day a Vision Quest—a quest for clues to the Original Birth Vision for my life.

An on-going Quest for Vision is like a childhood Treasure Hunt. Each clue leads to the next clue. Acting on each guidance leads to the next message and so on.

In playing with this approach over time, I have discovered my True Purpose—and ignited the excitement needed to fulfill that path easily and joyfully.

You can too!

The treasure at the end of the hunt is the joy of uncovering your true passion in life!

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Author's Bio: 

A vibrant filmmaker in college, Keith Varnum went totally blind. The prognosis of Western doctors that Keith would be blind for the rest of his life catapulted him into the adventure of his life! On this journey he studied with medicine men, shaman, Hawaii Kahuna & Eastern spiritual masters, regained his eyesight, & discovered secrets of all healing, transformation & success.