Always had a weakness for women from Russia? Completely blinded by all those Russian beauties? Not surprising, It remains something that many people, mainly men, are looking for: a Russian woman to date with. Because the women from Russia are allowed there is no longer a secret. But how do you get in contact with it is perhaps your next question? In that case, this article is made for you, because we tell you below how you can best meet Russian women.

Russian or Ukrainian women date

Long live the internet era! Where it was almost impossible to get in touch with Russian women two decades ago, the stunning women from the Eastern Bloc are just a few clicks away from you today. Anyone with a media device and an internet connection can be in conversation with a nice Russian beauty in no time. To make it even easier for you, we have listed the dating sites for you on which most

Russian women are active.

The preference is mainly for a woman who finds it no problem to leave her home country. There are even special dating sites where Russian women sign up, just to meet someone who can bring her to Western Europe.

Russian dating sites

One of the reasons that many Russian women see a life in the Netherlands is because they expect a lot more options and wealth here. Those dreams will not always come true and although Russia is now a relatively modern country, there are still enough areas where there is a lot of poverty. TheRussianWife is a one dating site that you could try.

There are dating sites where Russian men can sign up to meet Russian women online. A good example of this is The Russian Wife. At first glance, this looks like a nice website, but all the profiles that you see on the homepage belong to Russian women. So this is a website where you can easily meet Russian women online. If you are looking for a real Russian girls online, you can better visit this site.

A better option is Here, Russians are registered from all over the world. Of course there are plenty to find that still live in Russia, but there are also people who have already moved to the Netherlands, but who are registered with this online dating site.

What should you pay attention to

The idea to meet a beautiful Russian woman and bring her to the Netherlands is of course great, but with online dating it is always wise to remain vigilant, especially with people coming from a far country.

In the first place it is of course useful to know if you do not have to deal with a scammer. Here you often find out very quickly by proposing a video chat. If you react negatively, you can often assume that someone pretends to be someone else.

In addition, there are enough Russian women who are purely looking for wealth. That is not strange either, because many women do not have a wide range there. Therefore, do not just let yourself be persuaded to send money. There will certainly be a very emotional story behind, about rent arrears or medical expenses, but in many women want a new pair of shoes. And once you have sent money, you are often expected to do it more often afterwards.

Cultural differences

Perhaps the most important point once you have made contact: keep in mind the cultural differences. In Russia, women are being raised a lot less freely. What might be considered here as innocent flirtation soon comes across as inappropriate. So keep this in mind.

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