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Yesterday I went around and asked 10 guys if they were interested to know how to finger a woman until she climaxes. And guess what - nine out of the ten guys guys said that they would absolutely love to know the techniques that will give them the "superpowers" to make any woman orgasm by with their fingers. If you really need to ask, the other guy was gay...

How To Finger A Woman Until She Orgasms - Three Powerful Sex Techniques At Your Fingertips

"The Tapper". Remember this - the key to a woman's orgasm is her CLITORIS (and not her breasts, inner thighs or behind her ears as some clueless guys think). In order to make a woman climax, you only need to know how to work her clitoris. Use your index finger to "tap" her clitoris with varying degrees of pressure and intensity.

Learn this one technique -- simple and easy for any man to use -- and not only will sex be more pleasurable for you, but you'll instantly become a better lover than 90% of the rest of the guys on the planet. Here's how to have sex more often -- and have her thank you for it

"Circular Motion". Once you have mastered the art of tapping her clitoris, then stimulate her further by touching the same spot in a circular motion. Of course, you don't need to strictly limit this action to your fingers. You can also use your tongue and lick her clitoris in a circular motion. You might just developed a taste for a woman's vagina if you choose to do this.

"The G-Funk Technique". Once you stimulated her clitoris, then move on to the next level - go for her G-spot! This is the area which is located INSIDE her vagina - it's like the roof of the mouth so it feels a little textured. This is an extremely sensitive area so proceed with care. Don't mistake her screaming with pleasurable moan.

Pay Close Attention Here-

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If you want to please your woman in bed, you need a decent understanding of FEMALE SEXUALITY.

Said differently -- you need to understand what women want when it comes to SEX.

Most men don't understand what women want in the bedroom and therefore, most men don't give their women very good sex.

This leads to MAJOR PROBLEMS in the relationship.

Problems like the woman's sex-drive disappearing and/or the woman CHEATING to get more pleasurable and fulfilling sex.

If you want to avoid experiencing those painful problems with your woman, read on carefully and discover...

7 Myths About Female Sexuality And The 1 Big Difference Between Men And Women In The Bedroom

1. Women Care About Your 'Size'

Many men worry about their 'size', thinking women only like 'well hung' men.

But that's hogwash.

What women really like are men who know how to PLEASE THEM.

BIG or SMALL -- it doesn't matter.

2. Women Only Want 'Sexually Experienced' Men

Some men think that the best women only want men with lots of sexual experience. However, the reality is that women want men who can SATISFY them in bed.

And you don't need to sleep with 1000 women to work out how to satisfy your woman.

3. Women Don't Want Sex

Some men believe that women don't want sex and that we men must persuade women into having sex with us.

Such thinking is incorrect.

The truth being that WOMEN LOVE SEX just as much as we men do.

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4. Women Only Want Soft, Slow, Gentle Sex

Another myth to do with female sexuality is that women only want soft, slow, gentle sex. Some call this type of sex 'love-making'.

In reality, most women want the sex to be hard and deep most of the time because that's what 'gets them off'.

5. Women Have The Power In The Bedroom

Many men believe that women 'call the shots' in bed and are in control.

They believe women to be the ones with all the power.

But the truth is that most women are SEXUALLY SUBMISSIVE and therefore it's us guys that need to have the power in the bedroom.

In other words -- women like sexually dominant men.

6. Certain Women Cannot Have An Orgasm

All women can have an orgasm.

They just need a sexually skilled lover to teach them how.

7. Good Girls Don't 'Get Naughty' In Bed

Many men believe that really good girls don't get naughty in the bedroom. They think such women only want plain old, missionary, vanilla sex.

The reality is that it's the really good girls who want the REALLY DIRTY SEX.

Okay, now you have a better understanding of female sexuality, so you should be better able to SEXUALLY SATISFY your woman.

Let me now tell you what the single biggest difference is between women and guys in the bedroom...

Here it is:

Guys are often happy just to 'get sex'. BUT women are only happy with GREAT SEX.

The question is:

"How do you give your woman great sex?"

The answer is that you must act dominantly, talk dirty and give her VAGINAL ORGASMS.

And One Last thing...

If you want to become the man of choice for ANY woman in bed, you MUST increase your sexual stamina. With just a LITTLE effort you can gain the power to last ALL night long...and in my experience, the rewards are worth their weight in orgasmic gold for the both of you!

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You can become the best she has ever had and you can make that happen now. There is help so you can master female ejaculation and be the best.

Fast climax occurs when your finish prematurely leaving either or both partners unsatisfied. Many would want to last longer in bed and here we will explain how to do that.

Control the urge of ejaculation- During love making men will start feel like they are about to ejaculate in just a few minutes. When you get such feelings, just slow down and take your penis out and hold it firmly near the base.

Convince yourself that you are not going to cum and that you can go on.

There are Kegel exercises which will help you get better control. It is the exercise which is done with your penis. Try and hold while urinating and then restart again. Practice this regularly and it helps in strengthening the muscles of the penis.

This will offer better control and you can go for longer runs in the bedroom. When you have an erection, place a damp cloth above your penis and try lifting it up. Do this for about thirty to forty times.

You don't have to be brilliant, good-looking, or well-endowed to have her think you're a sex god... you just have to be 'dumb' enough to follow these step-by-step instructions

These exercises will help in giving your better erection and also better control in the bed.
Masturbating before the coitus is a very useful method. This may seem repulsive but it is very effective.

It helps in relieving the sexual tension and you won't have the constant urge of ejaculating. Don't tell the girl and it is better to keep it a secret.

Decreasing the stimulation during thrusting is a good way to hold up your ejaculation point. You can do this by thrusting yourself deeper into her vagina by grinding your hips.

This helps in reducing the stimulation on the sensitive part of the penis. It will also help in the stimulation of her clitoris.

These simple methods will help you to last in bed for longer durations and leave her completely satisfied.

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There are things using which you can easily turn a woman on in bed and at the same time there are certain things which will instantly turn a woman off in bed. The issue is that a lot of men out there don't seem to realize what these things are due to which they end up making the same mistakes over and over again without really realizing it. You better be careful with these things in bed before it's too late for you. Read on to discover what these mistakes are and what you should do about them...

Not cleaning up before getting into bed- Personal hygiene is one of the most major concerns for most women out there therefore you should always take a shower before you get into bed no matter how clean you might feel you are. There are a lot of men out there who tend to get highly lazy and don't seem to clean themselves up before getting in to bed. You see doing this would only disgust the woman and she might never feel any sort of sexual attraction towards you again.

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Not considering her needs- Some men just consider their own needs and more or less never think too much about satisfying their partner. It is extremely important to consider her needs if you want your needs to be fulfilled in bed.

Not being able to last long enough- This is one thing almost every woman out there complains about once in a while. Its a very commonly known fact that women take longer than men to orgasm therefore you should train yourself to last long enough in bed otherwise you might not be able to satisfy her at all.

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You WILL give your girl MIND BLOWING orgasms with this technique so she won't be letting you get out of bed. Don't schedule any other activities for the day after.

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