After months and years of being in a relationship, it is bound to wither away if no effort is made to rekindle your love and romance. Should this happen, you need to reconnect with your partner and rebuild your relationship. Some tips on how to reconnect with your partner will come in handy when exploring how to fix a relationship.

The first step to reconnecting is gaining commitment on the effort. Reconnecting with each other is not a one-day affair. Rome was not built in a day. It takes time and a lot of effort. Therefore, it is crucial not to rush the process. It takes patience and persistence. Sometimes you may fail. Sometimes you or your partner may give up on each other. However, if love still reigns in your relationship and you both want to make it work, then it is possible to persist on with the endeavor to reconnect with each other. Commitment from both you and your partner is essential to making it work. A one sided effort will probably lead to frustration and eventual break up.

The next step is to identify what went wrong with your relationship. Your bonds used to be so strong before, nothing could tear you apart. What changed? What lead you two to draw apart? What lead you to contemplate leaving? What are the underlying issues that you may have swept under the rag that contributed to you and your partner getting disconnected? These issues/problems could be related to finances, friends, trust issues, infidelity. Whatever the problems are, identify them. You should also identify the root cause of the problems, rather than the symptoms. Laying the issues down on the table is an excellent starting point to resolving and reconnecting with your partner.

Open discussion, and communication is important in getting to a resolution. During this effort, you and your partner should ensure your focus is on the problems and not bent on laying blame on each other. After getting to a resolution, identify what you individually need to change. Also identify what needs to change in the relationship. Commit to carrying out your resolutions even if it means writing them down on paper or having a witness present.

Problems are not the only things that make up your relationship. Positives also exist. Otherwise there would be no point in remaining together. Identify what is right/good about your relationship and about your partner and focus on these. You could have the best support system in your partner. Your partner could be funny, loving and respectful. Your relationship could be the envy of many of your friends. Identifying some of these positives that give you a reason to stay on and reconnect with each other. It motivates you to work more on how to fix a relationship.

Saying that you are sorry should not be taken as a sign of weakness. Apologize and accept responsibility in cases when you are wrong. In order to reconnect with your partner, it is wise to have the humility, accept fault and express your heartfelt apology to your partner. Playing blame games and taking your partner for granted when you do something wrong could aggravate the situation.

After learning and applying how to fix a relationship and reconnect with your partner, efforts should not stop there. Rather than building your connection to what it was before, strive to make the bond between you and your partner even better and stronger than before. This requires consistent and ongoing effort. Stronger relationships are able to withstand the strain and turmoil of life.

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