Are you facing a running toilet? A running toilet is a plumbing annoyance when the toilet flushes, even when it's not in use. Thinking of it as a minor inconvenience can lead to costly consequences. Apart from the extensive water damage, it will also increase the water bill. That is why fixing the running toilet is crucial. You can easily repair the problem with some DIY tips and correct tools. But, if you are not successful, you must call in the experts.

Steps to fix a running toilet

There are multiple steps that you can follow to fix a running toilet. But, before that, you must collect the necessary tools. Check out the steps compiled here to know more.

Step 1: Understand the different parts of a toilet

Before you start the Repair of the Toilet in Sydney, you must know the various parts. The flapper is located at the tank base. Also known as the flapper valve, it regulates the flushing of water into the bowl. The fill valve is another crucial element of the toilet. It is responsible for filling the tank each time you make a flush. The ballcock or the float valve determines the water amount in the toilet tank.

Step 2: Learn the various causes that can contribute to a running toilet

After this, you need to know about the different causes that can lead to a running toilet. If you can diagnose the exact cause, then you can come up with viable solutions. Here, the two components you need to look out for the most are the flapper and the fill valve. If the water is not flowing towards the overflow tube, then you need to note the flapper. But, if the water runs to the overflow tube, then the issue might be with the valve.

Step 3: Replace the fill valve

One of the primary reasons that can lead to a running toilet is a damaged fill valve. Here, the only solution is to repair it or replace it if the damage is too much. To replace the fill valve, firstly, you must drain out the tank. Then, you will have to take out the existing valve by unscrewing the lock nut and the supply line. Now, install the new valve and make sure that you make the right float adjustments. However, one must ensure the purchase of the correct replacement to avoid any future hassle.

Step 4: Check out the fill tube

Another reason that can contribute to a running toilet is a faulty fill tube. The fill tube is actually the tiny plastics tube that you can see emerging from the fill valve and moves towards the overflow pipe. If you observe that the fill tube is submerged in the water, you must cut it out. It will allow the tube to get rid of the excess water level.

Step 5: Install a new flapper

The flapper is actually the rubber stopper that triggers the release of water into the toilet bowl. However, with the passage of time, the flapper gets worn out. To replace the flapper, firstly, you will have to switch off the shutoff valve. Then, drain the toilet tank. Now, you can take out the existing flappers. After that, you need to unfasten the chain which is present on the handle lever. Now, you can install the new flapper with ease. After that, reattach the chain and turn on the valve.

Step 6: Take a look at the float

Here, firstly it is vital to note that there are two types of floats. These are – cup float and ball float. In order to fix the cup float, you need to find the pinching mechanism. After that, you need to slide it below the central tube to repair the problem. If you have a ball float, then fixing the issue is rather easy. For this, you will just have to bend its arm.

Having a running toilet? Get expert aid now!

There are various causes that can lead to a running toilet. Irrespective of the reason, you must fix the issue as soon as possible. For this, you can follow some simple DIY steps. However, if that doesn’t repair the problem, you must contact the professionals.
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