Time Warner Cable is one of the largest cable television service providers in the United States. The company is also among the major Internet service providers as well as offers local and distance phone service.

With Time Warner Cable broadband Internet, customers get a lot of choices in the form of different packages that are available to customers across the nation.

After acquisition of Time Warner Cable by Charter Communications all of the Time Warner services are now available under Charter's Spectrum brand.

Moreover, Spectrum Internet service provides high-speed Internet service at pocket-friendly prices that can be used to connect different devices. This Internet service can be used to connect your PlayStation Network device as well.

Many PlayStation users, who have subscribed to the Time Warner Internet service complains about the network connectivity issue with the Internet service. Hundreds and thousands of PlayStation users with Time Warner broadband service occasionally experience interruption due to a service outage.

This problem occurs because of misconfigured domain name service (DNS) update. Fortunately, you can try the following instructions to get rid of this issue.

Instructions to Fix PlayStation Network Connectivity
Problem with Time Warner Internet

The problem of the PlayStation Network connectivity to the Internet is caused by the DNS server error, thus the customers, who relies on the ISPs DNS server, may stuck with this issue. The best way to resolve this problem is by using other DNS configurations.

In order to troubleshoot PlayStation connectivity problem with Time Warner broadband service, what you need is to modify the configurations for DNS. Instead of using Time Warner DNS settings, you can utilize Google or OpenDNS alternatives.

If you are using PlayStation Network console, then to fix the connectivity problem, you need to change your PS3 or PS4 Internet settings to manual. Choose default for every settings except the DNS configuration. After this, you need to enter the DNS entries as follows:

For Google:

Primary Address:
Secondary Address:

For OpenDNS:

Primary Address:
Secondary Address:

Enter these settings into the DNS settings field for your network and then, try to reconnect and the PlayStation Network should work properly. After changing the network settings, the console automatically connects to the Google or OpenDNS settings as per your configuration.

If you still face problems connecting your PlayStation Network to Time Warner Internet service, you will need to contact Time Warner technical support service for immediate help to fix your issues. Simply dial the toll-free Time Warner support phone number and get rid of all your tech glitches with the help of skilled tech experts, who are available 24x7.

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