As a man, one of the hardest things to do is to get over a girl who has cheated on you. Remember that she was the one who cheated on you and dumped you for somebody else.

It hurts your ego to a great extent.

Some guys call and text their exes in such a way to make them regret about their wrong doings. However, you can’t make your ex girlfriend regret cheating on you.

She did so because she was already moving on from the relationship with you.

She had already made her mind not to stay with you any longer. Therefore, she cheated on you.

And if you try to get her back, it is very likely that she will cheat on you again.

At this time, if you have any single thought of changing her mind and wining her back, then you will only end up with profound anxiety and depression.

So stop crying and begging for someone who doesn’t respect you at all. Then follow these tips to forget her completely.

How to Forget Your Ex Girlfriend Who Cheated On You –

1) No friendship with her –

Is she your ex? If so, then there is no need to be friends with her. No matter how much she persuades you to stay friends with her, you should not be friends with her.

First of all, you can’t have a normal friendship with your ex because you always wanted to have a romantic relationship with her – not a friendship.

Second, it will be impossible for you to deal with bad emotions when you see her flirting with the guy who made her cheat on you.

What will you do when she brags about her new partner? Will you congratulate her when she tells you that her partner is extremely good in bed?

People stay “friends” with their exes just because they have a hope to win their exes back by staying friends.

If you want to forget her, there is no need to have any type of relationship with her.

2) Don’t regret –

If you think that there was something you could fix which could make her not to cheat on you, then you are wrong.

A cheater is a cheater. If your relationship was that much bad, she should have broken up with you before cheating on you.

Did she break up with you before she sleep with another guy? Or did she sleep with someone else while she was in a relationship with you?

In both situations, you don’t have to regret for anything.
In first situation, she is a manipulative girl.

Do you want to live with a manipulative girl who always craves secret sex out to marriage? Of course not!

In second situation, she had already told you that she wanted breakup. And then she slept with another guy.

In this case, you also don’t need to regret about anything. If she hadn’t any feelings for you, then how long could you have kept her with you? Moreover, it would have a cold and stale relationship for both of you.

Therefore, regretting about the past relationship is just a waste of time.

3) Don’t feel pity about yourself if she is enjoying her life –

Right now your situation might be pitiful. However, your ex is enjoying her life.

You should not make your situation more pitiful by seeing her enjoying her life.

Understand that she was already preparing herself for the breakup. She had already got someone new while being in a relationship with you.

As she had already been preparing herself for the breakup, it was not a big shock for her.

But it is a big shock for you because you didn’t expect it. Understand that after a while, you will be able to enjoy your life as she is doing.

You just need to take necessary steps to avoid common post break up mistakes.

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