Technology and the Information Age has made it possible for many companies to accomplish more with less people but society will never stop needing people. We are social beings and if technology hasn't already proven it, we are all connected. No one need feel alone. Expedite personal and business opportunities by creating a mastermind group.

A mastermind group is a regular meeting of the minds between two or more consenting individuals in a harmonious manner for a positive intent. Mastermind groups allow a group of people to peacefully meet on a regular basis to discuss individual or group goals and missions. The goal could be about career development, start a business, maintain a business, travel, employment or family goals.

Each member must be willing to listen, share and give positive constructive feedback. Therefore, it makes sense to invite people who have similar goals.

Giving the group a name, helps establish the mission. Is it a weight loss group, start up business group, inventors group, film, poet, art or music group, family planning group, child rearing group, finance group, investment group?

Once the general theme is established, decide whether it's a private or public group. Will be for personal friends and family or open to the general public.

The key is to have a harmonious group. It can not be competitive. The latter causes contention and strife. Development comes when each participant feels comfortable sharing progress without fear of attack.

Establish a setting that works best for all. Meet in a social setting such as a a cafe, rotate meeting at each person's home or the group leaders establishment, town hall, conference room, conference call, or skype chat.

Allocate enough time for each member to speak. There should be action steps taken each week towards the goal or improved condition.

Warn any members who hog the schedule. There's is more time to speak if the group remains intimate. However, not everyone may want to speak every week or at every meeting. Ten is usually a good cut off point. Not everyone is available every week or bi monthly whatever the case may be.

Who do you know who has had a mastermind group? They are more popular than you imagine. Some don't even realize they have a mastermind group. The general premise is the total collective mind [working positively] is wiser than the individual mind working alone.

Jesus had a mastermind group which included his twelve disciples. Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Martin Scorcese, and Francis Ford Coppola had a mastermind group. Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream had a mastermind group. Thomas Edison and George Eastman had a mastermind group. Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez had a mastermind group. Bill Gates and Paul Allen, Microsoft Founders, had a mastermind group. These names and business accomplishment are infamous now but they weren't before they formed a mastermind group.

Not all mastermind groups are men and not all will result in a multi billion dollar corporation or a two thousand year old ministry resulting in the best selling book of all time, the Holy Bible. However, the consistent meeting of the mastermind group for personal or business development will result in something greater than if the person went it alone.

It's best when the participants come from different backgrounds. That way ideas or an approach that otherwise would not have been known can be considered.

Harmony is key. It's the harmonious meeting of social beings with the intent to better themselves and each other that creates results.

Persisting problem are usually indicated and resolved objectively by the group which may have been to close and too personal to the individual. If any person(s) consistently causes disruption , tell them to leave the group. Don't let one bad apple spoil the bunch.

It's a great way to make a career change, expand employment search, business development, or get a personal breakthrough. It's not a place for the participants to whine. Expressing a difficulty should only be presented as a request for feedback. It's up to the individual to select the solution based on feedback or resulting personal epiphany.

Members of the group should begin by writing out goals. Stay focused. See results.

Every regular participant should experience notable progress. Each is held accountable by the group. It works.

Some members whose initial goal was to find a job, may have found a business or great investment that sustains them better. Others find employment opportunities by referrals from the group or people they know.

One thing is sure. Technology will never replace the kind heart of a human soul. The mastermind connection is a great ticket to employment, career or a personal breakthrough.

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LeTicia Lee is author of [b] The S.O. Getting Rich Book and Companion Workbook[/b] which is used by many mastermind groups to stay focused. The workbook and its 2 CD companion audio set can be found at