The education system in the United Kingdom is extremely illustrious in nature. The programs in UK are highly specified, making sure that the pupils are pursuing the course of their liking.

We have organized a UK Admission Day in a range of cities through the country to solve any queries related to studying in UK. Beginning on the 1st June in Chennai, it travels to Bangalore on 2nd June, Cochin on 3rd June, Trivandrum on 4th June and Coimbatore on 6th June. Moreover, it goes to Pune on 8th June, Mumbai on 9th June, Surat on 10th June, Vadodara on 11th June and Ahmedabad on 12th June. Furthermore, the event is organized in Chandigarh on 13th June, Delhi on 15th June, Hyderabad on 16th June and Indore on 17th June. Lastly, it makes its presence in Kolkata on 18th June followed by Jaipur on 19th June and Vizag on 21st June. All of the events will take place at the respective Edwise office.

The United Kingdom gives great impetus to every possible skill set and accepts the diverse culture that every student brings in the country. Every imaginable industry has made its mark in the country due to great importance being given to academia. Top universities in UK have a niche education system that it offers to the students, thus UK graduates already have a jumpstart to their career.

To attain admission in UK can be a scary experience, however can be broken down into a few fundamental steps:


Consulting experts on your study and career goals will make the admission process in UK streamlined. Discussions with counselors will enable you to asses your academic background, which will allows you to have a fair idea on which university will be best suited for you. Doing your own research work is extremely critical. Thoroughly going through the course and the course requirement will provide you with a fair idea not only on whether the course is made for you but also make the study in UK process easier for you. Shortlist potential universities and select those that tap into your interests. One's work expectations, financial requirements, aspirations and appreciation of the degree in home country are deciding factors in selecting universities.


Once you have decided to study in UK and have selected your university and course, the application process begins. The requirements differ according to the course under consideration, students wishing to enter a university need to secure equivalent grades which differ according to the course. Crucial documents include; your personal statements which highlights why you wish to study in the said university and how you and the university will benefit from the same. Add relevant details which will help you make a place in your dream university. Other critical documents include your CV which portrays your professional attributes and reference letters from professors or employers which showcases your traits and strengths. The application form is crucial and should be reviewed thoroughly, transcripts highlighting previous academics are imperative. Although, the application process often frightens students, the process is quite easy. We also make sure that courses and universities which have earlier deadlines are processed adequately. To attain admission in university, a systematic schedule needs to be drawn to stay ahead of all deadlines.

Entry Requirements in top universities in UK

Entry requirements vary according to the course under consideration; usually courses require English Proficiency Tests such as the IELTS or TOEFL. The scores needed to be achieved depend upon the course. Top universities in UK have tougher entry requirements to select the most deserving candidates and thus usually require greater scores. The entrance exams have become extremely competitive in nature, however the number of resources available have also risen magnanimously.

Receiving an offer to study in UK

The offer a student receives can either be conditional or unconditional in nature. A conditional offer is a temporary offer which requires the student to fulfill certain academic criteria's to avail admission. On the other hand, an unconditional offer is like an acceptance letter which means that the student is admitted in the university. The offer often includes an interview with the admission officials, upon which a student visa can be availed. There are instances where possible interviews with UK High Commission or Embassies are initiated to process the visa.

Post-departure to study in UK

The consultation process doesn't end once you gain admission in the universities. A comprehensive pre-departure guide is provided to all students. Moreover, assistance is provided for the payment of fees and to avail scholarships. Networking with students is important to have an enjoyable experience at university. Majority of the programs have academic advisors who provide guidance to the pupils and social clubs that allow like-minded individuals to interact with each other.

Benefits of studying in UK

Not only the top universities in UK but nearly all of them have global recognition. The number of international alumni who have attained education from universities in UK is extremely large in nature. Employers are increasingly looking for employees who can not only think for themselves but also come up with creative solutions to problems faced. Studying in UK means to be part of one of the most distinguished education systems in the world. The flood of choices of available in terms of courses and universities makes sure that every student is pursuing the course of his liking. One of the most prominent reasons to study in UK is its position of having the lowest drop-out ratios amongst a large number of competitive countries.

One of the most prominent factors that one must consider when looking to seek admission is that of networking with past students. Socializing with students will enable you to gain a fair perspective of whether the course is of your liking or how the faculty at the program is. Not only course related information but even information on accommodation, recreation facilities can be attained enabling you to have an adequate amount of information required to have an enjoyable university experience.

What is of immense significance is that you keep an eye upon the university website to stay up-to date with deadlines, scholarship avenues and other financial assistance.

Studying in UK means to be part of the third largest economy of the world, which indirectly also means that there are also employment opportunities for the students.

Students are highly inclined to study in UK because it is one of the few countries that allow students to custom make their own courses according to their preference.

The grading system of the universities in UK is simple to comprehend, they follow the alphabetical grading system which ranges from A to E, with A being the highest grade that a student can aim for, whilst grade E being at the lower end of the spectrum. However, a few programs also follow the numerical grading system.

Made of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales each location has its own universities and courses that are a prominent feature of that area. Apart from the world renowned education system the culture that it offers to its students makes sure that every imaginable language, faith, festivals, cuisine has made its mark in the country.

Admission in UK can be attained in over 395 universities which offer over 50000 courses. Students usually apply to multiple universities and courses; however one must pay careful attention, because each course has different deadlines that it follows.

Before gaining admits into the university of choice, financial factors should be taken into considerations. The cost will not only include the tuition fees but also comprise of living costs which largely differ from place to place. The cost of living is greater in large cities such as London, but falls as you move away from the city.

Students, who study in UK, are met with a multitude of choices of accommodation. Although living outside university accommodation is cheaper in nature, many undergraduate students actively seek to live in university accommodation because of the opportunity to network with fellow students. Furthermore, apart from getting to interact with individuals, the burden of several utility bills doesn't fall upon the student. The safety considerations are also a determining factor when considering living in university accommodation.

Top universities in UK are highly sought after by students because the course structure is highly competitive in nature; this not only pushes the student but also stimulates them to come up with their original thoughts.

In today's world, students are used to receiving all the information they require on their fingertips, this not only makes them lethargic but also prevents them from coming up with ingenious ideas. Thus to study in UK is equivalent to coming up with out of the box ideas.

UK has a history of welcoming students from diverse backgrounds so one will never feel out of place in the pool of students.

Gaining admission in UK is no easy task, however upon completion of the admission process along with gaining intake; a student can be rest assured that his future is secure, enabling him to make huge strides in field of persuasion.

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