If you are making huge business investments ensure that you are able to maximize your returns on investment. Your business has to be the best in order to stand out from the rest of the competitors in the industry. SEO is about making a profit Firstly, to appear on top in the search engines it is highly essential that you choose the right SEO tips. Later, concentrate on your SEO strategies to maximize the ROI. There’s a whole chain of events related to it. This article will be helpful in determining the right kind of strategies and tactics.
• Initially, search for SEO friendly sites.
• Select the right keywords if you want to build brand awareness.
• For a traffic boost search for friendly sites to post your SEO related content. You’ll definitely witness an instant traffic boost.
• Notice the conversion rate.
The following checklist shows you how effectively you can track your SEO ROI:
• Link building: Your link building tactics are extremely important. They are a result of your ongoing marketing efforts. Just keep in mind that your investment today will help you reap money in the long run.
• Leads & Sales: Keeping a check on your sales before and after the SEO efforts is very helpful in tracking your ROI. If products and services are sold online this trick will be helpful in measuring the ROI after efficient SEO methods. Your total sales will increase over a certain period of time.
• Google Analytics: Google Analytics is the ideal tool to identify which keywords and phrases are driving traffic to your website. If you are running an e commerce site take it one step ahead by setting the e-commerce tracking functionality. This will help you in tracking the revenue from organic traffic.
• Conversion Rates: When visitors are completing the desired action you want them to take, it is just the right time to track your conversion rate. These desired actions can be leads, sales, form submissions and registrations etc. Run the following tests in order to improve your conversion rates; test marketing approaches, calls to action, headlines, copy, layout, specials, etc.
• Indexed Pages: Calculate pages that are indexed through Google, Yahoo and Bing. The number of the pages should keep on growing as you continue to build out to your website.

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