When you do something well? You can say, “Good job, do it again!”

What about when you fail?

Then what?

Well, sometimes, it means you’ve got to find an aspect that went well and encourage yourself to make another attempt. Other times, not so much, huh?

When you try something that doesn’t work, try something else. Then another thing. Be patient with yourself.

You’ll find that patience is practice for growth.

It’s frustrating when you’re seeking self growth but you try something that doesn’t work.

Indeed, at times it can be tempting to give up.

Oftentimes the best thing is to simply be patient. And do the same step repeatedly until you get it right!

But sometimes it’s best to move on to something else.

Then once you get a small success by accomplishing a task, you can return to what wasn’t working, if it’s something that matters to you.

When you try something that doesn’t work and are particularly unhappy with yourself, remind yourself to be patient. Then remind yourself it’s okay to try something else.

It’s not giving up when you try something else! After all, you’re still taking action.

You’ve got more than one thing you’re working on. So, if one small step doesn’t work, go ahead, give yourself permission to try a different step for a while.

Don’t give up on your task. Just do some of your other tasks first.

Getting in a small accomplishment can boost your self esteem. That small accomplishment can increase your patience with yourself for today, too.

Sometimes allowing yourself a variety of small steps will enable you to do two things well, even when today’s first try at one of them simply didn’t work.

If doing something else works well for you, reward yourself with an encouraging word or two.

That’s right. Tell yourself, “good job!”

Maybe even add a few words about your next task, “Now go back and do __________ .”

Then simply and quietly, go back to the first step right away.

You may find that you’ve gotten a boost in your growth for the day from what you accomplished. And from the encouraging words you told yourself!

Maybe that’s enough to power you through the small step you were unable to do just moments before. Maybe it’s given you the growth spurt to be able to develop the patient attitude of forward motion, continuously affirming yourself.

In fact, if you fail again, you can still affirm yourself! As in, “That didn’t work either, but good job at keeping on trying!”

You may also find that you locate your mistakes and their solutions in this way. After all, when you’re gaining patience you’re also getting a different view of your situation.

Something in the environment may give you a clue as to what you might be missing in the step you’re trying that’s not succeeding. Patience is practice for growth in that way, too, opening your mind to clues as to what might be needed for success at a small step.

Try something, then try something else. Encourage yourself. By playing with your small steps, you’re gaining patience with yourself while moving forward. Self-esteem and self confidence follow!

Author's Bio: 

Cynthia Ann Leighton inspires you to move forward.

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