The challenge
The renowned entrepreneur Bill Gates once said, “If I was down to the last dollar of my marketing budget, I’d spend it on PR.”

Getting these lines from a multi-faceted personality like Mr. Gates gets us all thinking about the intensity of marketing as a function and the area where we as a business should prefer to spend the last marketing dollar.

Today, as we understand the force of competition and alternatives available, it still so happens that a lot of entrepreneurs and industry giants try to curb their marketing budget.

We understand that marketing is the only space that gives room for tweaking the budget compared to any other function or activity in the organization.

So, now that we know that the marketing budget most often is compromised, why not play smart and generate an ocean of B2B leads at a fraction of the price?

The face-off

B2B lead generation is inevitable for business success. But is it wise to deploy an in-house workforce whose primary KRA is to crack a deal and generate ROI and not leads?

Investing in in-house demand generation activities many a time is a failure and extremely expensive for a business. However, the wisest thing here is to sign up with a demand generation solutions company.

PS: We will also tell you how it saves on the marketing budget and offers more in less.

The solution
B2B demand generation is one of the essential fuels that power ROI.

Therefore, outsourcing the requirement for high-quality leads to a demand generation solutions company is the most recommended method to make most of every marketing dollar spent.

Talk to those who matter
Lead generation is tedious. It demands time, money, skills, and a valid database that comprises information about prospects.

Investing money in-house to get all this just to find leads indeed is a time taking and expensive format.
Considered one of the most essential marketing strategies, B2B appointment setting services help businesses acquire customers by arranging qualified and promising appointments. By doing so, the business saves money by just paying for services that deliver potential business opportunities and increase ROI.

Pay extra attention to promising leads
Data nowadays is omnipresent. But it is essential to understand which data is useful for growth.

Working on these principles and modern software, intent-based marketing solutions make a significant difference to the bottom-line.

Designed to enable clients to allocate more budget to a section of the target audience who is more likely to buy, it does complete justice to the concept of intent-driven marketing and saves businesses a lot of money.

Bet on qualified leads

For sales and marketing to be extremely useful for a business, both teams need to work in tandem. However, sourcing these teams with quality leads by running marketing qualified leads campaigns is inevitable. This process helps align the balance between marketing and the sales-pipeline and impacts ROI by keeping a check on which marketing techniques and strategies work and which ones need to be discarded.

Essentially, it saves businesses a big chunk of money by getting rid of obsolete marketing strategies.

Market to people

People-based marketing solutions, also known as cross-device marketing, serve clients by leveraging technology to market to people across various channels. Remember, it is people who buy products and services and not devices. Hence, investing in people-based marketing solutions eliminate the chances of wasting money in duplication and adds to return for your business efforts as it deals with real humans.

It’s a wrap/disclaimer

When we say, “generate an ocean of leads at a fraction of the price,” it does not mean look for solutions or services that cost less or involve in in-house activities. The fundamental is absolutely clear, and it is highly recommended to invest in solutions that have the capacity to build higher ROI, which eventually bring down the cost per lead.

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