How to Generate Free MLM Leads?

If you search any of the leading search engines for the phrase "free MLM leads", you will find lots of MLM lead generation companies offering thousands of leads to the network marketing community.

The offer is usually sort of simple and basic.

Complete the short form below, including your name and email address and we will send you a link to download your new list. Now, think about that. How do you know that you haven’t just paid a very dear price to get your hands on what may very well be totally unqualified leads.

You may even find your own contact information on the list!

Free MLM Leads? So you prefer Quantity rather than Quality?

It takes a ton of time, energy and talent to generate the name of a person who is not only just actively intending to start their own business, but who also has the time and resources available to get started right now. So, why would anyone offer to give away this useful resource for free?

Well, the truth is that they don't. They get something in exchange.

What they get in return is your contact information, and before you know it your name and email address have been sold to every Tom, Dick and Harry under the sun. Be prepared to be drowned with e-mails daily from dozens of companies that you are not the least bit interested in.

These companies that give leads away for free may put a little bit of effort into qualifying them.

They could have built a long form lead directly to gather additional info. But, nonetheless, it is not likely that they're going to give this information away for free. Let’s just say that a telephone certified lead is way more valuable, and this you will not get for free. These leads are collected primarily from co-registration forms, and only contain names and email addresses, most likely completed in return for something free, an “irresistible offer” to encourage you to take action.

An organization that goes through the process of conscientiously substantiating whether a lead is really looking for a business opportunity, and has also discussed with the registrant whether or not they can afford to start their own business. Obviously, starting any business will take some capital, and there is no reason to move forward with someone who has neither the money nor the mindset to get involved right now.

So how do you get the Best MLM Leads?

Creating your own leads through the principles of Attraction Marketing is the easiest way to generate a quality fresh lead. And, you don't have to come out of pocket to do it, if you are willing to put in a little time and effort.

For example, you could write a short informative article that addresses the desires or concerns of your target audience. Place a call to action within the body of your article. Then publish and promote it! Let the people that are actively looking for your opportunity or your service or product find you and initiate a relationship.

Another approach is to take part and contribute to forums and other social media distribution systems like Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, where your prospects are already hanging out. Answer questions, offer free ideas and insider secrets and make yourself both known and available. Give first to get, and will be amazed at just how simple it truly is to begin attracting hot prospects to you and your opportunity.

Once you begin attracting prospects, the key to true success is in the follow up. You will gain more confidence with more success, so the key is to begin attracting prospects, and then following up (using blogs, videos, social media and an autoresponder) to allow them learn who you really are and why they want to be associated with you, and then not only will they get involved, but they will bring their entire list of leads along with them.

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