A visa is a government-sanctioned permit to enter, stay and exit a country. It is a document granted to the foreign nationals who wish to visit the concerned country. Just like almost first world countries, Canadian visa is an entry ticket mandatory for every non-native visitor irrespective of the nature of the visit. In the past, getting a visa required lots of paperwork and time but with the advancement in the Information Technology, you can apply for the visa online and get the permission instantly.

There are legally four types of Canadian Visa:

a. Federal Skilled Worker Visa

The FSWC is a type of application for permanent residence in Canada that can be made by foreign nationals living either outside or inside of Canada. Applicants are assessed based on various factors including their education, their working experience, and knowledge of the French or English languages.

b. Student Visa

Under the Student Visa Program in Canada, students from across the globe can come to Canada to study in any of the country’s college or university. To qualify, students must apply to the immigration authorities with an acceptance letter from the Canadian institution, proof of their ability to financially support their studies including paying the tuition fees and the cost of living in Canada while they study, as well as supporting documents such as passports and other personal information.

c. Work Permit

Those who wish to work temporarily in Canada must first obtain a work permit. This usually requires a job offer from a Canadian employer that has been approved by the government human resources authorities.

d. Canadian Express Class Visa

Individual who are already in Canada on a temporary work permit may be eligible to apply for their permanent residency under the Canadian Experience Class. For this visa, individual will require at least 12 months of work experience in Canada and has to meet the language requirements which is either English or French.

How can you get an eTA Canada?

ETA or Electronic Travel Authority is a requirement by the Canadian government for people who are either transiting through Canada by air or those who are seeking to visit Canada. North American residents do not need to get this authorization. The ETA is valid for a shorter time period and the documents required include the application form, a valid passport with at least 6 months of validity. Other requirements include an email and payment cards in order to make the application.

An individual can apply for the ETA from online Canadian ETA website. The application form asks for common and simple details, you will have to pay the processing fee and you may get your authorization within hours. ETA is a quick process and once you get the authorization you can travel to Canada as many times you want for the next five years.

The online process is much easier but people who find it difficult to apply for Visa or are in urgent requirement, can look for agencies to help them with the process. There are agencies which help people with the application and getting them visa instantly.

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