Nowadays, we can find two out of every ten people who are allergic to some of the other chemical, and the reason behind this is the unhygienic conditions in which they live, knowingly or unknowingly. So, before bringing new furniture or air conditioner or any other thing inside the home, make it a priority to maintain the cleanliness of your place. All the brains you use in bringing the best furniture and all goes in vain if you do not continue to clean them. Since a normal human being needs an average of 7 hours of sleep on the daily basis and the lazy being sleeps for more number of hours, which means the biggest part of a day is spent in our beds. Thus, it is of the utmost importance to keep it clean and salubrious.

The leather beds have a surface that does not absorb the sweating or dirt at all, but an upholstered bed has the tendency to acquire all the dirt and the bugs along with the sweat in the easiest way. Although the upholstered beds bring in too much beauty and luxuriance to your room decor, they demand an equal amount of care and cleaning too. Therefore, following are some characteristics that an upholstered bed should be attributed with, to be rightly called as a clean one:

1. Non-pestilential: Your mattresses are made up of foam or cotton material, that are highly inflammable, but to make them non-inflammable, flame retardants are used. Flame retardants being harmful or to be very precise, lethal objects, because they tend to attract dust and that dust we inhale while we sleep on that bed. Therefore this hazardous material can be taken up by our skin directly, as well, if in direct contact with the upholstery material. Therefore, go for organic material, because the non-organic cotton and foam are treated with formaldehyde and pesticides that can be a slow poison for us.

2. Moisture control: A human body sheds the dead skin cells while asleep, which need to be taken off. The moisture trapped inside the mattress or the upholstery material of the fabric upholstered bed, along with the dead cells become the breeding ground for the bed bugs, thus adding to the bad hygiene. So, to let the moisture off your bed, you have to make some space for them to be able to breathe, that is, there must be a cotton bed sheet that must be used to cover the bed and not the synthetic one. The synthetic bed sheet traps the moisture. In fact, pull off the bed cover, and let the mattress take some vitamin D, yes! Sunlight. This way it would get sanitized, and the moisture gets off Automatically!

3. Non-Conductive: The metal items around the bed can disturb the magnetic field of the Earth around us, leading to the disturbance in the natural magnetic fields.Use the compass and drag it around the bed, if it shows any deviation from the north direction, it means there is some distraction, and then work on removing that distraction. This should be importantly done because it obstructs the natural sleep. Also, the bed should not attract electricity or heat and transmit it.

4. Ergonomically right: Whether you sleep lying on your back straight, or you sleep on one of the sides or even inverted, there should be no back or a headache that you must face because of the bed. It should obviously be not very soft nor should it be very hard, in other words, it should be ergonomically correct.

5. Easy to clean: Neither the bed frame nor the upholstery should be difficult to clean, because then you will not clean the bed on the daily basis, leading to accumulation of germs and eventually harming us.

6. Frame-perfect: The solid hardwood frame and the best quality organic finish oil make the best kind of a bed frame. It would be better to choose wooden slats to hold the mattress rather than using the box spring, because a wooden slat lets the air and the moisture trapped inside the mattress, pass off quickly, thus making it easier to keep it clean.

7. Correct Bedding: The bed and the frame and the mattress, all these come secondary to the bed covers and the pillow covers. When we sleep on our bed, the entire night the most proximate to us is our bed cover, pillow cover, and the blankets or duvets. So, these things have to be ultimately clean and hygienic. It would be better if these are dyed using the natural dyes and not the synthetic dyes that cause deadly skin diseases. It is even more important to dust the bed covers off daily, or after every use, so that the air-bugs that stagnate on the upper surface can be got rid of.

But above all, you have to take care of this that you do not eat on your bed. No matter what, none of the food particles must fall on the bed, to make it, even more, filthier. After all, taking care of your hygiene is important!

Summary : When we think of cleanliness, we consider the bigger things like a fan, AC, walls and other furniture items, but more often forget about the basic things like bed covers and mattresses. Theses are those things that remain closest to our bodies for a longer part of the day, because of which it becomes even more important to keep them clean first. The sunlight is the natural sanitarian for our mattress and the bed frames; that shoo away the bugs without the need for any chemicals. So, we must make it a habit to avoid theses germs in the bed first.

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