Fake IDs have been a popular discussion topic among teenagers and college students. They provide an easy route to purchase alcohol, attend concerts, and enter nightclubs, among other things. The American Journal of Public Health has indicated that 25% of underage college students have used a fake ID to purchase alcohol. However, few people understand the risks associated with buying fake IDs. Failure to consider the potential consequences could lead to severe legal and ethical problems. Read on to learn more about the dangers of procuring a fake ID.

1. Legal Issues

The use of fake IDs is illegal, and the government takes this very seriously. Purchasing a fake ID is considered fraud and a felony offense, and it is punishable by law. There are high chances of arrest for the individuals who buy or use a fake ID. The repercussions for the offense includes hefty fines, loss of driving privileges, probation, or worse, jail time.

2. Personal Risk

The business of fake IDs is highly criminalized, and it often involves a combination of other illegal activities such as money laundering and drug trafficking. It, therefore, puts the buyers at risk of being involved with criminal organizations or scams. The use of fake IDs could also lead to blackmail, physical assault, kidnapping, and even human trafficking. Additionally, the use of fake IDs for illegal activities exposes young people to other dangerous situations, including rape and theft.

3. Ethical Issues

Presenting false documents is unethical. It involves pretending to be someone else, a practice that is not advocated for morally. Using someone's identity to gain access to amenities can be considered theft. More so, it is critical to consider that service providers, such as bartenders, nightclub bouncers, and store attendants, have social and legal obligations to ensure they serve alcohol and other restricted materials only to individuals who can present valid identification.

4. Negative Consequences on Future Job Prospects

College students who use fake IDs are at considerable risk of obtaining a criminal record for fraudulent behavior. Although the market for fake IDs is thriving, it hardly ever considers that the consequences may be severe for the client. Typically, employers are cautious of job applicants with criminal and fraudulent records, leading to limited job prospects for individuals who have used fake IDs. Obtaining a criminal record could thus impact one's future opportunities for a lifetime.

5. Bad Influence on Young People

Many young people use fake IDs to gain access to restricted areas and illegal activities, such as buying alcohol and drugs. They end up falling victim to the severe effects of addiction, which could impact their lives adversely. Young people engaging in such activities could also fall victim to negative peer pressure and develop substance abuse disorders. Purchasing fake IDs, therefore, perpetuates unproductive and heinous behaviors that could affect one's life and that of other people.

Although getting a fake ID might seem like a shortcut to gain access to restricted areas, it poses dangers beyond the legal and ethical implications. Purchasers of fake IDs are subjected to severe legal repercussions, personal risks, limited job prospects, and negative consequences on young people. Thought before taking actions is crucial to avoid getting into trouble that could be more permanent than just a lost opportunity. It is thus crucial to always consider and weigh possible consequences before making any decisions that could negatively impact one's future.

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College students who use fake IDs are at considerable risk of obtaining a criminal record for fraudulent behavior.