How to get a flat stomach? To make your stomach perfectly flat, you have to do simple exercises during 1 month and a half.

How to make the most challenged part of women’s body – belly – the most attractive? It’s not hard if to find effective exercises and make a good program. We can offer you a super program. Thanks to it your stomach will become flat in one and a half month.

Week 1
Exercise 1, for abs
Starting position - Lie face up on your mat and place your hands behind your head, legs bent. Count 1-2-3 lift your body, count 4 lower it. Repeat for 10 sets of 30 repetitions.

Caution! Don’t lock your hands on the back of the head, otherwise you’ll be training neck muscles but not your abs.

Exercise 2, oblique exercise
Starting position - Lie face up on your mat and place your hands behind your head, legs bent. Count 1-2-3 lift your body toward left leg, count 4 lower it. Repeat the same to the right leg. Repeat for 10 sets of 30 repetitions.

Caution! Watch your lower spine, it shouldn’t sag, it should as if stick to the floor.

Exercise 3, for lower abs
Lie face up on your mat and place your hands behind your head, legs bent. Lift your body and legs. Do scissors or steps with your legs during 5 minutes.

Caution! It’s important to lift the legs high enough to provide abs muscles tension.

Week 2
Repeat everything as in the above exercises, only rest your legs on the chair but not on the floor.

Week 3
To the basic set exercises we add one important aspect – on the peak point of each repetition you should tense abs muscles and hold for 2 seconds.

Week 4
The basic set exercises is the same, but now you should try do exercises as fast as possible. Ideally you should do exercises without rest.

Week 5
Here we add weights. The weight of dumbbells is individual: for starters – 0.5-1 kg each, for people with average level of practice 1-2 kg, for advanced – 3-5 kg.

Week 6
Fix the result combining additions to exercises of the 3-d and 5-th weeks.

The workout routine – not less than 3 times a week. Begin each workout with a warming-up to get the muscles ready. During 5-10 minutes do back-bending forward-bending and side bending. Move your hip joints in all directions. At the end of the workout do some stretching exercises (it’s especially important for the starters who didn’t get used to intensive training. Without doing some stretching exercises lactic acid build up in muscles causing muscle soreness. In the result you won’t just able to keep on doing exercises):

1. Lie face down.Hands on the floor, lift your body as high as possible.
2. Repeat the same but stretch your hands to the sides.
3. Lie face down, lift your hands and try to reach with your left leg right hand and vice versa.

Trick for slimmer waist

1. Invisible gymnastics. If to suck in and relax your stomach every hour for five minutes, you can have results the same as after the shaping course.

2. Chain around your waist. Put chain around the waist tightly enough but it should allow you moving. The chain will help you to control your appetite and the level of physical activity. The result will be even better if you remove some chain segments every week.

3. Posture. If you always hold your spine straight, you’ll look slimmer. Besides abs muscles will always be in tone.

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Lyubomyr Yatsyk shows you how to get a flat stomach in a short period of time.
You'll also can read his book "How to get a flat stomach" (for United Kingdom) and for US - here. This book is about flat belly diet and exercises.