The majority of guys have it wrong when they make an attempt to learn how to attract a girl: they concentrate too much on small matters such as pick-up lines and outfits brands. Check out these three essential aspects in attracting a girl and you'll realize how the game actually works.

How to Get A Girl - Three Important Aspects You Must Know

Learning how to attract a girl doesn't mean that you have to "train" yourself in a club. While there is nothing wrong with that, actually there are several main factors in attracting girls no matter where you are. Once you master them all, you only need to do little modifications to adjust them with places, time, and the general situation.

1. Let the girl know right away that you’re thinking about her in romantic way

If you approach the girl and act like the friendliest guy on earth, you may get her attention. You might even wind up having her contact number, e-mail, address, and so on. Nonetheless, can you win her heart? Not a chance. And precisely why is that? Mainly because you’ve stuck at being a “guy friend”!

Becoming friends first, then make it to a romantic relationship is feasible, but it’s fairly hard since she doesn’t see you as a potential lover in the first place. Don’t just act friendly and have “friendly” chat. You have to flirt with her right away. That’s the only way to convey to her that you’re thinking about her in romantic way. Having said that, remember to keep the flirtious attitude adjusted to the situation and location.

2. Express high social status

How many gorgeous girls are dating a man whose self confidence is so low that he requests his girlfriend approval for almost everything? Indeed, close to zero. And that is exactly what you have to do: convey higher social status than her. Guys who don’t understand how to attract a girl correctly usually have it wrong on this issue; they generally think it is about wealth or income.

Of course, having more wealth than her could make a difference, but that is not the key factor. If you look around, you'll notice that there are a lot of wealthy guys who extremely obedient to their wife. One word from their wife and they'll run like a trained dog. Don’t become like them.

The key point in conveying high social status is never requesting her approval for anything. Show her that you've got your own way of thinking and you don’t need her to agree with it. Furthermore, keep teasing and making fun of her; do not let her know that you believe she’s incredibly attractive and you can’t wait to have her in your arms.

3. Body language

This is goes in conjunction with the 2nd point. Having high self confidence around her will demonstrate to her that you’re a man of high social status. When approaching an exceptionally gorgeous girl, sometimes we already get “she’s way out of my league” concept in our head. You need to get rid of that way of thinking and start to value yourself more.

Show this self-appreciation to her: walk with upright posture, keep eye contact, walk slowly, and don’t play anything with your hands. Basically, show her that you are able to stay relaxed and keep “being you” around her.

Knowing how to attract a girl is not that complicated. Most guys put too much attention on small details such as funny pickup lines or their clothes brand, but that kind of things only play a small part of the game. Just make sure that you’ve mastered all the fundamental skills and mindsets; that is the only way to attract any girl in any place.

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