How To Get A Girl To Have Sex With You: How To Get A Girl In Bed - Need Help Lasting Longer In Bed

Believe it or not there is a speed seduction technique where you can have sex with a girl within ten minutes. This is a very powerful technique that has taken a very long time to develop and went through a lot of trial and error.

However, you need to be careful when using this technique. If used in the wrong way you can end up making a fool of yourself. You have to make sure you use at the right time and in the right context.

For one you should have already developed some rapport with the girl. This isn't something you are going to use as soon as you meet a girl. Otherwise, she will think you are desperate to have sex or that you are a pervert. Two images you do not want to portray otherwise you are never going to sleep with her.

Learn this one technique -- simple and easy for any man to use -- and not only will sex be more pleasurable for you, but you'll instantly become a better lover than 90% of the rest of the guys on the planet. Here's how to have sex more often -- and have her thank you for it

So let's get down right to it. Listed below is a powerful speed seduction technique that will get her in the bedroom within minutes (provided she is already comfortable with you):

1. Talk to her about sex: Ideally you want to be in an intimate environment or close to one. This can take place in a bar but you want to be close to your or her place. There shouldn't be a big time gap between the location where you talk about sex and the location where you are going to have sex. Anyway, I know this will come as a shocker to some of you. But you have to understand that women unlike men get stimulated mentally and not physically. The best way to do that is to talk to them about sex; it will get them in the mood. You do it by asking them a simple question "What do you enjoy about sex?".

2. Follow up: You are now going to ask her a very important follow up question. Pay close attention to this because this is going to make the difference of you sleeping with her or sleeping alone. When she tells you what she enjoys about sex, you then proceed to ask her what it is she feels when she is enjoying that thing about sex. The objective is to get her to visualise it and feel it in her head and then associate it with you.

3. You can provide that: You now know what she enjoys about sex and what it is she is feeling when she is enjoying sex, the final step of the puzzle is to make her believe that you can provide her with that feeling that she loves so much about sex. You do that and you WILL be sleeping with her!

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Okay, Okay - so the title sounds overly dramatic and fancy. But, I'm being 100% serious with you when I ask... Have you ever made your woman climax so hard it made her cry?

If you answered "NO" to that question (or if you're just a cool guy who'd like to find out how to give your woman INCREDIBLE SEXUAL PLEASURE) -- read on carefully...

Listen up.

70% of woman have only ever had a CLITORAL ORGASM. The reason why this is so is because the majority of guys think that the only way to give a woman an orgasm is to rub her clitoris.

However, some women (around 30%) have been lucky and have experienced VAGINAL ORGASMS. All of these lucky women say that these orgasms are on another level to clitoral orgasms.

More 'total body'.

More fulfilling.


I have spoken with many women about the topic of clitoral and vaginal orgasms. They all agreed that the clitoral orgasms felt EXTERNAL, as if the pleasure was all focused in the clitoris.

In contrast, the women who had had vaginal climaxes, said that these orgasms were INTERNAL experiences and they felt them throughout their bodies.

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From the conversations with women about these two different types of orgasms, I was able to work out that:

- The male orgasm and clitoral orgasms are very similar (both focused on the sexual organs)
- Vaginal orgasms take things to another level of pleasure for a woman
- Many women had cried after experiencing particularly powerful vaginal climaxes (or their first one)

If you are still not sold on the idea of giving your woman vaginal orgasms, I'll tell you a short story from my own personal life.

This story is 'sex-education'...

I started dating a 23 year old girl recently and she had only ever had clitoral orgasms. Naturally, I decided to make vaginal orgasms a reality for her. One day early on in the relationship I 'warmed her up' by giving her a clitoral orgasm. (I used ORAL SEX to do this). She enjoyed the clitoral orgasm and made some quiet noise as she came. However, little did she know that a couple of minutes later I'd have her absolutely SCREAMING as she came incredibly hard during her first G-Spot Vaginal Orgasm.

The contrast between the two types of orgasm was incredible.

The clitoral orgasm made her quietly come and the vaginal climax made her so vocal I suspect she woke my neighbors and half the street.

Oh and I nearly forgot -- can you guess what happened after I gave her her first vaginal orgasm?

Yep, you got it...

I held her close and tears rolled down her cheeks.

Very powerful.

Unfortunately, most men will never give their women this kind of sexual satisfaction.

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A real player will never have any problem in knowing about how to give a girl orgasm during sexual intercourse. Some times the girls' fake orgasm while having sex and never have or experience the real pleasure.

Men at times are not aware of the way to act in the bed and give pleasure to the girls.

Be good on bed

In order to give a girl orgasm during sexual intercourse it is essential to be very good at bed. Satisfy the girl on bed in all aspects, kiss her body parts, and find out the erotic zone in her body where the kiss you plant on her can give the maximum pleasure her.

Make a slow start and get her attached by moving closer and impressing her. Keep a close eye on her reactions and check if she is really enjoying or not.

You don't have to be brilliant, good-looking, or well-endowed to have her think you're a sex god... you just have to be 'dumb' enough to follow these step-by-step instructions

Mental seduction

One of the better ways to be good on bed and give a girl an orgasm is begin with mental seduction. Bring the girl close to you mentally and involve her mind slowly to the game of lovemaking.

When you can reach to the mind of the girl your job becomes very easy. For women sex is more in mind rather than just looks.

Maintain steps

You should involve in step-by-step manner. A lot of emotions involved in the basics will keep the things going well in an attractive manner. Show a lot of affection and desire towards the girl to get closer.

Turn on the effect

Just saying about what you want is not enough. Do it in order to give a woman an orgasm during sexual intercourse. When you play hard and accurately, women will feel great and enjoy the session of lovemaking.

Hold her tight and have lot of fun on bed with multiple orgasms.

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Seduction needs to be mastered before it would even be possible to make women fall desperately in love with a man. Turning into a master of this art isn't that big of a deal, really; however, you would have to spend a lot of energy and time into it if you wish to see quick and good results.

Before anything else, you would obviously have to focus on attraction to get the seduction process going. After establishing some sort of attraction, you can then work on seducing your woman of choice.

Do not even attempt to go into female seduction if the woman you want does not seem attracted to you in any way yet. Also keep in mind that getting dates ad getting women into bed are two completely different things. Read on to discover 4 techniques to attract her and get her to bed quickly...

How To Attract A Girl... And Make Her Want To Sleep With You

Technique One: Build your connection. Seduction and connections, in general, are usually always interlinked. What you need to do is build an attraction so strong that all a woman will want to do is be by your side all the time. After spending time flirting and talking to your woman of choice, change the topic to sex eventually in order to produce a subconscious interest from her into that particular subject. Soon, she will be raring to have sex with you after you make your move.

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Technique Two: Stimulate her quickly. One other technique you could use in female seduction during sex would be to stimulate her right away to make her long to have sex with you. Bring up sex a lot along with various sexual positions to make her think about having it with you without meaning to. Also, do not just make sure she fantasizes about it, but also ensure that she keeps thinking about it by asking her for comments, as well. You need to make women excited so that they can never say 'no' to you when you bring up that particular business.

Technique Three: Put your thoughts into her head. Female seduction will only succeed if you can get a woman to think about having sex with nobody but you. In order to get her to jump into the sack with you in no time, you need to restrain yourself.

Unlike with the technique mentioned earlier where you jump right into the sexual talk, covertly bring in some phrases and words that could slowly end up in sexual acts after your conversations together. Besides, a lot of women don't prefer the earlier tip anyway. You can instead opt to go for the security route and make her feel safe by always giving her nice relaxing massages and using pheromones to arouse sexual desires.

Technique Four: Make her come towards you. Wait for your woman of choice to come up with sexual ideas on her own. Be patient and never make her feel like sex is all that you are after from her. Also, talk positively about yourself and be self-assured and confident at all times. This happens to be what women want, so doing so will get you great respect. Whenever you can, challenge women and tease them gently.

Keep in mind that seduction happens to be of the utmost essence when it comes to sexuality. It would be vital for you to show how much you like the woman you are going after and flirt with her a lot through your body language. All of this will definitely bring you places in getting women to jump into bed with you much sooner than not.

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You WILL give your girl MIND BLOWING orgasms with this technique so she won't be letting you get out of bed. Don't schedule any other activities for the day after.

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