While we don’t want to admit it, we all make snap judgments based on people’s appearances alone. So of course, people do it for businesses in the way.
The same ideology applies to firms and prospective customers. They will judge you worthy of their hard earned money or not, based on their first impression of your appearance.
“Image is everything. You don’t spare any expense to create the right image. And word of mouth is critical. Once you get a good reputation, momentum will carry you.”
Haruki Murakami, Best-Selling Author

Trustworthiness is vital for all businesses to succeed. Professional logos help garner that much-needed trust factor and radiate professionalism to prospective buyers.
Competition is fierce, and you want to stand out and above your competitors. Excellent design can make that happen. Look into any phone book, or newspaper, and see all the competing businesses and how their logos either make them blend in or stand out. Be the one who stands out and gets the sales.
Your company logo is a vital part of building a visual symbol that represents your firm that people will come to distinguish as your brand. The design of your logo is a form of identity, or personality, of your business that communicates qualities about your venture. Design can speak volumes about your corporate culture and brand soul such as hipness, or environmentally frinedl7, or techy or natural.
That small picture, or graphic, will work very hard as a silent salesperson everywhere you use it – on business cards, brochures, and billboards. It is a bit like the “face” of your business to the public.
A good logo will make your company, and its mission, memorable. It can create that good first impression which could lead to a customer for life. Lots of logos have no words – but still you “read them.” Think of the Starbucks lady on your coffee cup – no words are needed and you know it is Starbucks Coffee Company. That is the power of a good logo.
Good logos are Interesting, attract customers and build sales.
Bad logos are confusing, weird or just plain ugly and lose sales
It is worth taking time and spending money to create a logo that will work well across all the advertising mediums such as online, printed brochures, newspaper ads, and videos.
Since your logo is the most important marketing message you have, it is wise to invest in a great designer such as those at 99 designs.
We recommend 99designs.com where hundreds of talented graphic artists all work together, in a crowdsourcing design contest, to build your very best logo.
In the past, you needed to go through an arduous and often frustrating process of hiring one designer and going through multiple rounds of designs to get a just OK logo design. Plus the costs would be upwards of $850

Not today within a week or less you get top quality design ideas, from 30 to 60+ different looks, to review, revise and tweak to the perfect logo design that reflects your individual business’s personality and values. And the cost is very affordable at starting at under $300!

Read our full review of 99designs logo design packages:


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