A few months ago, I have great trouble having a good sleep. It is easy for me to fall sleep, however, I wake up early in the morning, and it really sucks as it is cold winter now. And I was eager to find a cure for this sleeplessness. I found some information from website that maybe I had depressive symptoms that made me stressed when sleeping.

A month later, I still can’t recover from this terrible insomnia that I decided to quite my job. In fact, I spent a lot to cure this. I buy some nutrition and keep healthy diet, but nothings changed. When I resigned, I felt my insomnia can be cured and I could enjoy good sleep.

However, a week after resignation passed, I still felt hard to fall sleep after I woke up in the morning, which tortured me that I can’t focus my concentration and I always slept when I sit on a bus. How strange! I can’t bear any more, or I will die of insomnia. One day, one of my friends who is a doctor came to see me, and she gave some useful tips, and now I could sleep well a month later.

Here I share my experience for those who still have trouble in sleep.

A regular sleep schedule is very especially important. I get to bed at 10:00 p.m. Every night and never later than 10:30, this will disturb your sleep habits. And I wake up at 5:00 in the morning. It does not matter, only can you insist you will have good sleep quality; in fact, I have seven hours sleep that is enough for an adult.

Turn off your mobile phone and keep quite. This is quite important as some people may feel terrible to fall asleep again if the phone rings. And a quite environment helps you improve your sleep quality.

No fierce activities an hour before you go to bed. Don’t work late and read some complex articles, which may need complicate thinking. Never do strenuous exercise before sleep. It consumes a lot of your energy, even though some people may feel tired and find it easy to get sleep. However, most people need time to recover from vigorous exercise, so keep calm and listen some light music to relax yourself.

Take a nap if you feel tired in the daytime. Nap is good for making up your lost sleep. This short rest allows you to pay off your sleep debt and help you concentrate on study. Of course, you should control your times of naps. If you nap a lot, which will eliminates your sleep at night. So you should control the times!

Keep healthy diet and regular eating schedule. Never eat too much at dinner, which increase you burden to digest and help you gain weight. This doesn’t mean it is better to eat nothing. If you eat nothing, you will feel hungry and this hunger can wake you up.

Relieve stress. Stress is a big enemy for most young people. You can do yoga, I find some video about yoga which helps me relax and feel sleepy. Yoga is really good for sleep. And my friend bought a runescape account for me to play rs. She said runescape is not as competitive as other games, and you can forget stress and trouble when you are addicted to it. Actually, when I complete a quest in Runescape, I have a sense of achievement so that it removed my frustration in daily life.

Even though these tips are commonplace talk, if you insist for a month, you will find your quality of sleep get great improvement and enjoy good sleep to live a good life.

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