You may be attracted to this hunk and you may be dying to go out on a date with him. And you may be wondering, “I want to spend some time with this guy so that I can develop a relationship with him. How can you get a guy to ask you out if you are in such a situation?”
Let us look at some of the things you can do to make your dream guy ask you out.
1. Drop Hints
Subtly drop hints that you would like to date him. There are a variety of ways you can do this:
Compliment him from time to time. He will see you as a positive woman who likes him and cares about him. In addition, he will think that you can have a positive influence on his life. Therefore, the compliments you give him can open up the way for him to like you better, increasing the chances that he would like to date you.
Tease him sometimes about his relationship with other women or his work ethic. For example, you could say, “Isaac, I never see you going out with women. Why, are you scared of women?” You may bruise his ego and bring out the man in him and he may want to prove you wrong by dating you.

2. Ask Him for Advice Often
One great way to get a guy to date you is to make him feel that he is a wise guy. You can do this by asking him for advice often. It will make him know that you admire his intellect so much that you are prepared to come to him to help you solve your problems. This will make him like you. When you keep doing this, he will grow to like you more and he may wish to date you.

3. Focus on the Values You share
According to the American Psychological Association, when a person shares values with another person, he is more likely to be attracted to that person.
Therefore, when you focus on the values you share with the guy, he will find you more attractive, he will like you better, and the chances that he will like to date you are higher.
So, for example, if you believe in hard work and he is also a hardworking, diligent guy, generate conversations around the theme of how it feels great to be hard working or lessons you have learned as a result of being hard working, when you meet him. It will draw the two of you closer together, he will find you to be an interesting woman and he may ask you out on a date so that you can have longer conversations on the values you both espouse.

To get a guy to ask you out, drop subtle hints that you are interested in going out with him, seek his advice on pertinent issues that bother you, and let him know that you have something in common. Doing these things will help you to endear yourself to him and the guy would love to know you more.

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