As after completing their graduations all Job seekers are hunting for their job. To build their career path. & to make their professional life. As every body dream is to get their job in a multinational company & to become a successful person in a life. As for getting a job & to face an interview, a resume is an important thing that is required. As for job seekers this is a big question on How to write a resume & which format will be perfect for resume or what contents should be included in your resume. So that your resume get shortlisted for the company when their will be requirements for the job openings for which post your are applying. If you know How to write a resume then their will be chances to get an opportunity to face an interview. Because resume represents our self in-front of interviewer. And it represents our educational qualifications,our skills, & our employment job history. As a resume gives a detailed description our self while interview process. So we must give our description in details so that interviewer gets an clear idea about for which post of job we are applying. As we must not include a false information about our self & about our educational qualifications or about our skills. & we must not also copy a resume from one resume to another. So that it may spoil our image in-front of interview.

As every body knows in current market situation their is a less chances to get the job in a market. Because the unemployment rates are hiking in current economic status. & Due to current situation the unemployment population is also increasing. The main reason for increasing an unemployment rates is high because The job-seekers don't have an an idea about How to write an attractive resume & they also don't have an idea about How to face an interview. & they also don't have an any interview tips to be followed while giving an interview. And another problem is that As there are also a less job openings opportunity are available in current market situation. & for job-seekers they don't have a knowledge & experience about How to write a resume & how to face an interview. Due to this reason they don't get selected in any company. And they don't earn money. So the rate of unemployment is increasing in a current market scenario. So to reduce the chances of unemployment is the only thing is that we have to search for the job. For searching a job resume is an important tool that is required. So we have to write our resume in a best & out-standing format. & we have to include all our contents. Not only we have to write our resume & kept it beside. But also we have to face an interview. In interview we have to represents our self and & we have to sell our self in-front of interviewer. From this point we can come to know how much we have the ability to work in a company. & what are our communicational skills & how much we have the power to fight against truth.

Before going for an interview we have to prepare our self & we have to visit some best sites which guides on How to face an interview. & what are the tips to be followed while interview process. Not only facing an interview is a big thing but also we have to get shortlisted for the final round & to get selected for the company. This should be our aim while going for an interview.

By studying on above mentioned points we can reduce the unemployment rates that are increasing. & what are the tricks to be followed so that we can get the job in a current market situation that is difficult to get the job. & how to tackle it.

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