Out of all the things that you do in a day, there is a high chance you don’t want to do at least half of them. Starting from getting up from the comfort of your cozy bed in the morning to replying to that urgent mail from your boss, there could be several activities that govern your day, which you do just for the sake of doing them.

This leads to your day becoming a series of tasks done half-heartedly, most of which are neither exceptional nor do they provide you any joy. This cycle repeats continuously for months, days, years, with you trying to find some respite in outings and vacations by escaping from what you consider to be your ‘daily routine’.

Your daily routine is probably bearable right now, but would you be happier if it became enjoyable? Do you put any time, effort, or thought into thinking how you could make every day seem like a vacation? Or do you just let yourself drag through a sequence of predictable events, every day without questioning why you are doing what you are doing?

There's a high chance you have questioned yourself, and you’ve given to yourself some of the most obvious and common answers – ‘to earn a living’, ‘to provide for your kids’, ‘to please your parents and your partner’, ‘to build your identity in the society you live in’ and ‘to be able to get all that you need’. Frankly, none of these qualifies as an acceptable answer. Yes, none of these. And the last one is the most confusing of all. All the above answers are socially acceptable excuses that we give to ourselves to escape from an effortful introspection. A lot of us do not have any clear idea of what it is that we really need. And very few of us dig deeper to really find out.

Honestly, it’s easier than you think to break the whole cycle of ruthless routine. The first step is to just pause. Pause. Breathe. Don’t pick up the remote. Hold that Netflix episode for a while. Don’t pick up the cellphone. The notifications can wait. Don’t look at your emails. Nothing is as urgent as sorting your own life!

Get away from every distraction and let yourself sink into your aloneness. Yes. cold, boring, unappealing aloneness, emptiness. Now is when you can truly question yourself, even if it makes you terribly uncomfortable. It’s okay to feel guilty about certain things you are doing or not doing, at the same time, it’s great to feel proud about certain things that you are doing or not doing. Once you are deep down, you will see your flaws shining in all their glory. You will see things that are holding you back. And the moment you start seeing and accepting, you can move towards thinking about what could be the best way for you to take more control of your life. What are the things that you can or cannot change? Challenge what you can and accept what you can not- wisely, very wisely.

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