How To Get A Longer Dick: How To Get Your Dick Bigger

For those men who are well endowed, penis size was never a problem. But for men who are below average (average length is 6 inches); they would often ask how to make it longer. Some would look for ways to do it without the help of surgery.

How to make my penis longer without surgery?

Surgical method is done by cutting off the tendons that hold the penis, and letting it down and out so that it increases its flaccid length by an inch or two. Some would combine a method of clamping the blood vessel to retain the blood much longer thus making it engorged.

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However there are ways said to be effective in lengthening the penis.

So, "How to make my penis longer without surgery?", one safe way of doing so is simply making it look longer by cutting one's pubic hair, or losing some weight.

Others would perform exercises like Jelqing and Jikok. This method is supposedly done to make the penis longer and thicker through exercising. The technique is also called "milking". This is done by wrapping the thumb and the index finger around the base of the semi-erect penile shaft, drawing it away from the body. This movement forces the blood into the glans.

Another technique is by "Hanging". This is done by hanging weights behind the glans penis for a period of time, gradually increasing the weight to "exercise" the penis with repetitions of around 5 to 10 minutes. This procedure however can result in serious damage like scarring, impotence, chronic pain and nerve damage. The reason behind "Hanging" is to stretch the tunica albuginea and other tissues of the penis.

Stretching is another form of non-surgical method to increase the length of the penis. This makes use of an extender apparatus and is attached to the penis for a certain period of time in several repetitions. This produces traction to the penis, which would supposedly make it longer and thicker.

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Clamping is another risky procedure in enlarging the penis. It makes use of a "cock ring". The objective of this procedure is to augment the girth of the penis. It makes use of constricting devices such as cable clamp, shoe string, or as mentioned a tight cock ring. The apparatus is clamped on the base of the erect penile shaft. Metal cock rings are discouraged by medical practitioners and those people who use clamping. This is because the trapped blood that is engorging the penis can make it unattainable to remove the metal cock ring without the use of amputation, or sawing the metal ring.

Lastly, the Penis Pump: According to some experts, rather than making the penis longer and thicker, it is more of the psychological satisfaction that it gives men. The penis pump is also known as the vacuum pump. This is a cylinder that is placed over the penis. As it produces mild suction, the blood is let into the penis making it engorged, thus having a harder erection. A flexible cock ring is also used with the penis pump. It is placed on the opening of the cylinder, after the suction, the ring is pushed to the base of the engorged penile shaft, and then the penis pump is released.

Penis pumps are commonly used for the treatment of impotence. The pump can also produce harmful effects such as ruptured blood vessels, blisters, cuts. In some cases, over-zealous pumping may cause the testicles to be sucked in the cylinder causing pain and possible injury from the said procedure.

It is indeed hard to find answers to the question on "how to make my penis longer without surgery". Various procedures, pills, patches and ointments are presented to potential markets. But up to this moment, there are still no scientific proofs that these procedures and pills can enlarge your penis.

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In this article, you will learn all about the different types of lubricants that you can use for penis enlargement exercises that require lubrication and which ones would be best for you, in general.

When embarking on the journey of penis enlargement, it would actually be vital to figure out which lubricant would be best for you to use during your overall routine. If wet jelqing is part of your routine, then a decent amount of lubrication will be needed to get the job done, for example. After all, the purpose of this lubrication is to avoid unwanted damage and injuries altogether, and to ensure that you can work with the whole surface of your manhood in a smooth and comfortable manner.

You should know that lube preferences are exactly just that, though: a personal preference. Ideally, you should try out different types or even combinations of different types to figure out what would work best for you. However, there are several types that generally just work better compared to the rest overall. These are the ones that will leave your penis feeling soft and in a healthy and good condition. These are also the ones that will ensure that you never experience skin irritations, dry skin, chemical burns or itching.

Another thing you might want to consider would be the longevity of the lube's effectiveness. If you generally go through long sessions of penis enlargement exercises, then Vaseline would be a better choice over baby oil because it lasts longer and doesn't require any reapplication.

You might want to consider each lubricant's price, as well, especially if your budget is pretty tight. There are some lubricants out there that are quite expensive and hard to find. However, there are also those that are both affordable and effective at the same time. In fact, believe it or not, you might already have some of them lying around at home.

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If you use other penis enlargement devices as you exercise your manhood, such as penis pumps, then you need to know that some lubricants may damage those devices. Because of this, you have to make sure you read the device's manufacturing recommendations very thoroughly before starting to begin with.

When it comes to lubrication for penis enlargement, there are commercially made penile exercise oils and lubricants available out there that will claim to speed up the process of enlargement. However, we will only focus on the most common types in this article.

For starters, there are lotions, which a lot of men use as alternatives as they can be found at home with ease. While the majority of lotions are fine for the job, though, you have to make sure that you choose one that isn't too perfumed or too filled with vitamins.

Natural oil-based lubricants would be the better choice, though. Fortunately, they are quite easy to find and can actually be found at any local grocery store. The best part is that they have various uses and can be combined with other lubricants, as well. Bio oil and EVO are part of this particular category, but you will need to go to a local pharmacy for bio oil and you will need to prepare EVO yourself.

Water-based lubricants are great for penis enlargement, too, as they come with various benefits. They can double as sexual lubrication, for example, and can easily be reactivated with water in the middle of your exercise routine. Some men like this and some don't do, so it really is just up to your personal preferences and the amount of effort that you are willing to put into your journey.

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When it comes to penis enlargement exercises, warming up and warming down are two very important parts that should never be left out. In fact, it would be an utmost necessity to warm up and warm down before and after doing your penis enlargement exercises. Unfortunately, a lot of men ignore these parts, thinking that they are simply a waste of time. This isn't the case, though.

Warm ups and warm downs are vital to keep the blood flowing in the penis, to make the exercises more effective, and to keep the penis safe from injuries and damage. This article will focus on giving you the necessary instructions for both of these parts. It will also give you great advice on the lubricants that would be most helpful while doing your penis enlargement exercises altogether. Read on.

The Warm Ups

To warm up your manhood before doing penis enlargement exercises, start by soaking a soft towel into some water. Then, wring out any extra water and lightly test the heat of the towel on your stomach. This is important to do before placing it on your penis. After all, you have to make sure that you have a comfortable temperature to work with in order to avoid burning your penis.

If the temperature is okay, wrap the towel around your penile shaft, ensuring that the tip of your penis is enclosed, as well. This way, the heat can get properly trapped in. Then, hold the towel there for around 5 minutes before removing it. Afterwards, dry your penis off thoroughly with a dry towel to make sure that you end up with a good grip for your upcoming penis enlargement exercises.

Again: warm ups are vital to send enough blood into your penis during your exercises. The moisture and the heat will also soften your penile skin and make it more pliable overall. This will give you a better grip while exercising, as well.

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Lubrication would also be vital for your exercises. Generally speaking, as long as you choose lubricants that are long-lasting or at least can be easy reapplied as needed, you should be fine. After choosing your lubricant, place some on your penis followed by some penis enlargement cream.

If you have a cream that already has emu oil in it, though, then you won't need extra lubrication at all. It wouldn't hurt to use extra lubrication either way, but emu oil is the only lubrication that you can directly mix into cream jars. However, if it feels uncomfortable to work with cream alone, then take your pick from the available oil-based and water-based lubricants in the market.

Some of the best oil-based lubricants out there include emu oil, baby oil, vitamin E oil, Vaseline, cocoa butter, tiger balm, canola oil, olive oil, vegetable oil, albolene and bag balm. Some of the best water-based lubricants out there, on the other hand, include KY jelly, KY liquid, astroglide and udder cream.

After any type of exercise, though, make sure you end it with a soft massage and a warm down with a hot towel. Massage and heat can optimize cell tissue regeneration and healing at the same time.

To warm down after penis enlargement exercises, simply place another hot towel onto your penis the way that you did during the warm up. Warm downs are just as important as warm ups, though, because applying heat onto your manhood can keep blood in your penis and stimulate any damaged parts, thus restarting them, so that they can work better as a whole. To ensure silky smooth skin, you can also massage some lotion onto your manhood after the warm down.

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Having a smaller than average sized penis can have a negative impact not only in your sex life, but your overall self-confidence. Thankfully, there is still a possibility for you to get your male organ to grow into a bigger and more respectable size. And you don't need to go through any kind of surgery to make that a reality!

Today, there are plenty of ways to make your male organ grow bigger. But among the many products and techniques that are available, these 2 methods are known to be the most effective ways for you to achieve a realistic gain in size:

Method No. 1 - Use A Penile Extender Tool

Penile extender tools are very effective in helping your male organ to naturally enlarge. They work by attaching to the body of your penis, and slowly stretching it over a period of time. This stretching action causes the cells in your penis to split and then individually expand, resulting in a physical increase in size to your manhood.

The use of extender tools is even vouched by experts in the medical field to be a highly effective technique. However, these tools may cost relatively high, with a typical set of tools costing between $300 and $500 each.

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Method No. 2 - Exercising Your Penis

As with most other parts of your body, exercising can absolutely help your male organ to physically grow. Exercising your penis helps to increase the amount of blood going to your organ and into its main blood channels within. With more blood stored in these channels, your penis's erectile tissues expand even further, giving your manhood a few additional inches.

And you don't need to use any kind of tool or device to perform the exercises either. Using just your pair of hands, you can properly carry out all the necessary exercise routines - that means it costs you relatively nothing at all!

In fact, you only need to invest in a little bit of time and effort on your part in order to achieve a desirable result out of exercising your manhood. But the advantages of doing so far outweighs the time and effort you need to put in.

Just by doing exercises alone can not only help your penis grow bigger in size, but also enhance its sexual health to give you the confidence in keeping your woman sexually satisfied!

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