I have been a high end personal trainer for many years, the thing is though, some of my clients DON’T get the results they should.

I mean, they sign up with the intention of getting fit and losing some weight along the way, that is the most common reason for people beginning an exercise program. The trouble is weight loss can be elusive for some, some people get it whereas others really struggle with it.

The reason is that most people manage to nail the exercise bit quite easily it’s only two or three thirty minute sessions a week after all. You don't need to spend 2 hours plus in the gym 4-5 times a week like some people do.

However there are some people who just can’t stick to their nutrition or lifestyle goals. Basically they can't stop eating and drinking processed foods, chocolate, sweets, fizzy drinks and alcohol.

I realised a long time ago that I can’t help everybody that’s why I have a team of people around me. I have a physio, a GP, an endocrinologist, acupuncturist a few masseurs, an osteopath and more recently a COUNSELLOR.

When people can’t overcome a problem using my normal methods, I’m the first to realise the need for a referral. When people can’t manage to stop drinking, smoking eating or whatever, sometimes it takes a specialist to help “train” them and give them tools to reach their goal.

I see counselling more as coaching than therapy. You are learning to control the brain MUSCLE. Learning how to make it stronger.

This is the important bit so pay attention. I wanted to talk about your “inner voice”.

The inner voice is the little voice in your head that may tell you to "have another one" or the voice which says "it doesn’t matter, eat what you fancy”. I'm sure you can all relate to this?

Or it maybe the voice which says “why haven’t I lost weight yet?”

There is a battle going on in your brain between you and your inner voice.

I want to tell you something which can help you with the dialogue that goes on between the inner voice and you.

Never ask yourself - why haven’t I or why can’t I…?


Because the only type of answer you can get from your brain is a negative one.

You: Why haven’t I lost weight?
Your Brain: Because you cant stick to a diet for more than 3-4 days

You: Why can't I stick to my diet like Sharon can?
Your Brain: Because you love drinking wine

You get the point. And that gets you nowhere. The question to ask instead is How can I?

You: How can I lose weight by the summer?
Your Brain: Start to cut out the bad foods and eat natural healthy foods

You: How can I do more exercise without going to the gym?
Your Brain: Try some home exercises and shorter workouts

Make more sense? Be positive with your inner voice.

Keep asking the 'how can I' question and you'll find it far more helpful and productive in the long run. Adopting this more positive strategy will help you to reach your goals.

There is more to a healthy life than simply nutrition and exercise, your mindset is absolutely crucial, without the right mindset unfortunately it makes everything a lot harder.

Hope this helps a few of you.

Thanks for reading,

Richard Clarke

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