New Orleans Psychics – surrounded by history, culture and connection

Nestled in the southern state of Louisiana, you will find the city of New Orleans, a vibrant, bustling place and for many a visitor, a complete contrast to the place they live, work and play.

But not only is it a place of vibrancy and excitement, it is a spiritual city, steeped in history where cultures have blended and mixed. But why is New Orleans considered such a spiritual place, attracting so many visitors looking for a psychic experience?
New Orleans psychics – products of a rich, turbulent history
This city, along with other cities and states in America, have a history that is rich, full of excitement and romance, along with bloodshed and misery in equal measure. People for far flung continents were attracted to its shores, lured by promises of bountiful riches. But, as many people already know, there were thousands upon thousands of people, snatched from their villages in deepest Africa, and forced to sail the sea that would claim so many of them.

Those that did survive the journey found themselves in a place that did not welcome them for their colour or culture, just their ability to work long, hard hours. And this continued for years but when slavery stopped, the brutality and disrespect did not.

But many New Orleans psychics have their roots based in the culture of African ancestors who refused to let their customs and culture die away. African influences included the protection of their people, friends and family. Many people believe that the spirits can still be found here of those souls protected by the ancient customs of their far away homeland.

In all honesty, take an objective look at the slave community of this state and you will see little fragmentation or fracture amongst the slaves. They were a community bound by traditions, they were a functional community too, independent and self-confident; their tradition of protecting loved ones with charms, for example, never died out, evidence many New Orleans psychics say of the strong spiritual tradition that continued unbroken and untainted by years of oppression and unhappiness.
Voodoo – evil or part of a cultural heritage?
Of course, the spirituality of many black slaves was voodoo, misunderstood know it has been subject of many a Hollywood film. Not the evil system that many people think it is, it was forced underground. With tourism and fame snapping at both voodoo and New Orleans, the misconception of sticking pins in dolls effectively meant no one from outside the community, experienced the true nature of this spirituality.

Aside from the tourist trail of seeking cheap and useless potions, voodoo, New Orleans psychics will tell you, is a connection between nature, spirits and ancestors – and is certainly nothing to be feared, as popular films would lead to believe…
Rich and vibrant, two words that cannot be used to describe many places on earth but for those searching for spirituality and history, then this city is the place to go. New Orleans psychics have the ability to see so many worlds, so many connections that they are truly blessed!

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