The idea of working for a promotion can sometimes seem daunting; it often involves committing to long hours at work and competing with colleagues to land the big job.

But there is another way that involves fewer hours, a little more thinking time and a much greater chance of success.


It’s easy to feel like you deserve a promotion if you work long hours, but working smarter with the time you have is a much more efficient and effective way to get ahead.

1. Understand what your company cares about

Find out what your company is truly trying to achieve and focus your efforts on these.

| > Tip: Find out from your boss what the:

• Most profitable products/services are?
• Goals for the quarter and year are?
• Mission statement and core values are?

2. Find out who recently got promoted

By knowing who gets promotions in your workplace, you can work out why. Identify what skills and qualities these people have.

| > Tip: Practice the skills that matter. If their communication skills are superb, then you know this is really important to your company.

3. Focus on high value work

Prioritize the tasks that really make a difference to your team and manager.

| > Tip: Before starting your day, look at your to-do list and choose just 1 thing that you must complete first that will make a real difference to your team and boss.

4. Make your accomplishments known

In a busy work environment, it’s easy for great work to be overlooked. Make sure to present the things you’ve achieved and explain how they add value to the company.

| > Tip: Keep a running log of your achievements on Linkedin. Your boss might notice, and it helps you to remember your successes in preparation for your one-on-ones.

5. Ask for feedback on how to improve.

Giving feedback can be difficult, so make your boss’s job easy and ask for it first.

| > Tip: Ask your boss to give you 1 area you are the weakest in and make this your focus.

6. Don’t forget to thank your boss.

Your boss is a person too, and they need guidance to see when they are doing something right.

| > Tip: Send a sincere email letting them know when they’ve really helped you out with something.

For more tips on how to get a promotion without working longer hours, check out this infographic:

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Marilyn is a freelance writer and digital nomad currently living in rainy yet wonderful London. She writes (and reads!) about personal growth, productivity in the workplace, self improvement, and the importance of work/life balance and how to achieve it.