Leadership Strategy Number Fourteen

Avoid mingling with co-workers who are not going anywhere. As a matter of fact, avoid mingling with anybody that is not trying to make something out of their lives. This is what the gurus will tell you. Researchers conducted this particular study and the conclusion at which they arrived shows that your income will be in the middle of the four people you associate with most. Of the four, two will make more per year than you, two will make less. I looked at my own life and found this to be true. What the gurus are saying is that in order to raise your income, you should disassociate yourself with your two friends who make less. Yep, you should tell ‘em goodbye. Is it me or does this this seem a little cold? The problem with telling my two friends who make less than me, “goodbye” is the fact that they have high moral characters. If I tell them “adios”, then I will fly in the face of something that I teach that I think is very important. In my book, “From “C” Student to Success: The College Student’s Guide to Success and Wealth”, I say, “You succeed second with what you do; you succeed first with what you are.” What I teach is that a high moral character must be at the foundation of achieving your success. Saying “adios” to two people of high moral character that I love just because they make less money than I do would make me a lot of things bad and one of which is a hypocrite – and nobody likes hypocrites. So, what do you do? Number 1; keep that research and statistic in mind for future reference. And number 2; use your good judgement.

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