Be it for pursuing higher education, travelling, meeting new people, taking in new cultures, honing language skills, expanding career opportunities or for personal development, a large number of students in the country like to have the option to study abroad. In the recent times, getting education abroad has become more and more beneficial for college students, enhancing their careers and personal lives. The opportunity to study abroad has also become accessible to more students across the country with more awareness and new resources coming up every now and then.

A number of students, however, have to opt out of pursuing an education abroad despite having an interest. A lot of reasons can lead to this, including anxiety, not wanting to stay away from family or friends, responsibilities, and more. One of the most common reasons why students have to give up on their wish to study abroad is because they cannot afford overseas education or a life in foreign countries. Getting a scholarship to study abroad could prove to be of great help for deserving and determined students in a similar situation. A lot of universities out there provide scholarships for overseas education to help students pursue their degrees, and to get the best students for their colleges. Here is how you can get a scholarship to study abroad.

  • Research

The very first step in finding a scholarship to study abroad is intensive research. You first need to figure out your own objectives, what you want to study, and what your end goal is. After that, you have to look for colleges that provide the best resources and development in your field. You can contact the universities you wish to apply for to get to know about the scholarships they offer and all details related to them. Universities usually provide a list of scholarships that they offer on their websites, including various country-specific, subject-specific, course-specific and other scholarships. Here is a list of scholarships that universities provide especially to international students, and can help you achieve your dream to study abroad:

  1. Westminster Full International Scholarship
  2. Clarendon Scholarships at the University of Oxford
  3. Adelaide Scholarships International
  4. International Leader of Tomorrow Award at University of British Columbia
  5. Great Wall Program
  6. Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program
  7. Critical Language Scholarships
  8. Rotary Foundation and Club Scholarships
  9. QS Undergraduate Scholarship
  10. QS Leadership Scholarship
  11. QS Scholarship for Academic Excellence
  12. Fulbright Foreign Student Program
  13. Phi Kappa Phi Study Abroad Grants
  14. Tortuga Backpacks Study Abroad Scholarship
  15. The Ashley Soule Conroy Foundation

These are just a few options from numerous scholarships that you can read about through internet portals by searching for scholarships provided in the countries or colleges of your preference.

  • Shortlist

After finding scholarships in the countries and/or universities of your choice, you need to start shortlisting them on the basis of your qualifications, achievements and location. They may require a certain minimum grade or score in previous studies, particular subjects taken up in the past, or something similar. You need to figure out which ones you are, or can be eligible for, and start working on yourself according to their requirements. Prepare a detailed list of all these scholarships with what they will help you with, university and college names, application dates, course details, etc. and keep checking it from time to time to make sure you do not miss anything.

  • Apply

Once you know which scholarships you are eligible for, you need to start applying. Make sure that you prove to them why you need or deserve the scholarship, in every way possible. The forms can range from simple personal details to essays and subjective questions. Universities usually shortlist candidates on the basis of their eligibility and then decide who is worth it based on other criteria, by getting to know them through essays, questionnaires, or even interviews. Remember that the number of applicants for the same scholarships from your country alone can be pretty high, and the chances of getting a scholarship on the first try are low. So you need to apply to as many scholarships as you can and are eligible for to ensure the highest probability of getting one and pursuing your dream to study abroad.

Getting a scholarship to study abroad may seem like a complicated and difficult task at the first glance, but all you have to do is show universities why you deserve it, and what contributions you can make for them. You need to show them that you will be a valuable addition to their batch with your performance, achievements and your overall profile. Acadru can help you enhance your profile by helping you explore numerous topics and gain knowledge in your fields of interest. It also helps you work on projects that can help you learn about your topics in depth and add impressive points to your CV.

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