A collateral-free business loan is the best and ideal loan option for borrowers who don’t want to lieu their asset in order to avail the funding for their business. To get a collateral-free business loan, there is no need to offer any sort of security or asset. Therefore, business owners or borrowers who are unable to avail a business loan earlier can now avail it, that too quickly and easily thereby scaling up their venture efficiently. 

Are you scouting for an MSME loan, without collateral in India? Look no where! Ziploan provides the best business loan without collateral. Moreover, it also provides business loans at an affordable interest rate along with flexible repayment options. Let us now understand what exactly collateral-free business loan is. 

What is Collateral Free Business Loan? 

The Collateral is a form of asset or security that the borrower has to deposit to the loan lending institution, in order avail any sort of property like real estate, machinery, etc. and if in case you don't repay the loan amount back on time, then the lending institution will have all the right to take the possession of those assets. The borrower can avail business loan without collateral for various purposes like buying new machinery, business expansion, etc. 

Features and benefits of collateral-free business loans 

Business loan without collateral comes with the following benefits and features: 


With Ziploan,  the borrower or an applicant of a business loan gets the flexibility to choose the EMI tenor as per their choice. 

Loan up to 7.5 lacs 

One can avail a business loan without collateral up to Rs.7.5 lacs. Use Ziploan EMI calculator to calculate the EMI on your collateral-free loan. 

Online account access 

One can apply for an online business loan from Ziploan from its website or mobile loan app. 

Minimal documents 

At Ziploan, one doesn’t need to provide a bundle of documents in order to process the business loan application. Simply one can upload it on the website or through the mobile application. 

Easy eligibility 

Ziploan business loan eligibility is quite easy to meet. All what is required is that your business should have a turnover of Rs. 10 lacs or more and with the vintage of minimum of 2 years. 

Best interest rates 

Ziploan offers business loan interest rates that are quite affordable and are best in the industry. Moreover, the interest rates are on the basis of the businesses loan repayment ability. 

No prepayment charges 

There are no prepayment charges after one has paid the first 6 EMIs (excluding pre-EMI). 

What are the documents required for a business loan without collateral? 

Following are the business loan documents that one will need to avail it without any collateral: 

  • PAN Card 
  • Bank statement copy of last 9 months 
  • Income tax return of the previous 2 years 
  • House address proof and business place address proof 

How to apply for a collateral-free business loan? 

Below are the three very easy steps to apply for a collateral-free business loan application online from ZipLoan 

Enter all your personal, business and financial information in order to receive the business loan offer. 

Secondly, upload digital copies of all the documents in the second step for the verification process 

Lastly, receive all the business loans approval and disbursal just in 3* working days 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1.Can I get a collateral-free business loan? 

Yes. You can easily get a business loan without any collateral from Ziploan. 

2. Can I get a business loan online? 

To avail a business loan online, the applicant can visit the lending institution’s website and easily fill up the online loan application form. He/She can also apply through Ziploan mobile loan app. 

3. Who can avail a business loan? 

Any business owner or applicant who is operating business for more than 2 years can avail a business loan from Ziploan.

Author's Bio: 

Ashwini is an experienced and knowledgeable financial advisor, ready to work with you to ensure you and your business future. He also emphasizes the need to adjust investment plans as your goals and needs change.