We live in a day and age where beauty is a measurable quality for some people, and we all need that extra edge sometimes. Whether it is for a first date, a job interview, or a really cool hang with the guys or the girls, you want to look hot. What you don't want is to look hot because you've been baking in the sun for hours. Today, laying out in the sun can certainly have its advantages, if you have that kind of time. But who does? Not only that, getting the perfect tan from the suns rays just isn't what it used to be cracked up to be. In terms of your personal health and safety, being around the sun for extended periods is the last thing you want. This is exactly why the Sunless tanning market is all the rage right now. But if you don't prepare yourself properly, you will find that it won't matter what sunless tanning product you choose, if you haven't put in the time to make sure it works well.

When you are looking for a sunless tanner, you want one that gives you options. Ease of application should be the key feature that you are looking for when you are looking for tanning solutions you can do yourself. An airbrush style sunless tanner will be the easiest to apply, however moisturizer style sunless tanless work just as well.

Before you apply the product, be sure you are completely exfoliated. This will ensure you get a nice even application of the sunless tanner. The best way to completely exfoliate is to do so in the shower. Start with a good quality skin scrub in the way of your body wash or shower wash. If it is grainy in texture, is a sea salt type scrub, or is called an exfoliant, that will be a great first step. Shave your legs as well in this shower, and it's a good idea to shave before you complete this exfoliation. This will ensure you are exfoliated well and your skin is fresh and prepared for your sunless tanner.

Do not put on your moisturizer before you apply your sunless tanner, even if you normally do after you exfoliate. This will create a layer on your skin that your tanner will have to penetrate in order to work properly. Thus, your tanner will take longer to dry, and it may not dry evenly if you have a moisturizer layer for your sunless tanner to penetrate.

Because you can not apply sunless tanner to open wounds, it is a good idea to let freshly shaved legs breathe a little bit before you apply the product. Wear a pair of shorts around the house for an hour or so to give your skin this time to breathe. This will allow for maximum penetration of the sunless product.

Finally you can apply the sunless tanner. It should not take more than a few minutes if you have chosen the right product. Remember that you might not always see the results right away, so always put on the first application and wait until it is completely dry before you put on another application. It is also best to wait a few hours of developing time so that you can see the effects of the first application, before you decide to apply a second.

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