How To Get A Thicker Penis: How To Make Your Penis Thicker

While many penis enlargement treatments concentrate on lengthening the penis, girth is the key concern for many men. Most women say that they prefer girth to width on a man, so finding out how to get a thicker penis is a key concern to male enhancement enthusiasts.

I've always been fine with the length of my penis, but to be entirely honest, I've not always been happy with my girth. I'm a skinny guy, and all things being proportional, I was afraid my penis might also be a little on the thin side too.

I hate to admit it, but for a time I was obsessed with it. I'd frequently wonder what advantage other men had over me. My insecurity negatively impacted my friendships, my work and my relationship with women.

What can you do to make your penis bigger? Is it possible to increase the size of your penis?

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After years of feeling a little awkward about it, I looked into male enhancement products to increase the width of my penis. Unfortunately, most of the products on the market, be they supplements, devices or exercises tend to focus on lengthening the penis. Fortunately, with a little more research, I was able to find the methods that work for me concerning how to get a thicker penis.

How To Get A Thicker Penis

Perhaps the most reliable way to get a thicker penis is through penile enhancement surgery. In this treatment, surgeons make an incision into the penis and insert an implant, which stretches the penis' width.

This treatment can be unpleasant and may have side effects that impair your sexual performance. It's also expensive and not often covered by insurance.

Another way to get a thicker penis is by taking herbal supplements. There's a variety of herbal supplements on the market that work by increasing blood flow to the penis, leading to longer and harder erections. This increases penis width as well as length, making it a great way to increase the width of your penis. Some favored treatments include gingko biloba, damiana, ginseng and yohimbe.

There are a variety of devices you can use to widen the penis, but I feel that many of these are unreliable and possibly dangerous, so I don't recommend this method.

There are also a variety of exercises you can use to increase the width of your penis. One of the more popular ones involves stretching and holding the penis using gentle clamping devices. When using exercises or devices, the key is to remember to start out slow and to focus on gradual growth.

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Size matters

According to medical experts, the average male penis is between 4.5 to 6 inches long and 1.54 inches in diameter. Surveys show that most women, if asked about their partner's size, would prefer a wider penis to a longer one. Many of the most sensitive areas of the female genitalia are closer to the surface, so having a wide penis is actually more helpful than having a long penis when it comes to lovemaking.

Why is male enhancement so important? For men, the size of our penis is very important to our psyche. Much of a man's definition of maleness revolves around his perception of his penis. For men who are uncomfortable about the size of their penis, this insecurity can translate into a host of problems, including lack of self-confidence, which can impact career and life decisions and insecurity in bed, which impacts relationships.

Getting a grip on your size and increasing it is a way you can take control of your life and start on a path of self-improvement and enlightenment. The self confidence that comes with increases size will help you in your work, making you bolder and more assertive. This new attitude will rub off on your other life activities too, and you'll likely find yourself being asked to take more leading role in the groups you belong to. Also, you're going to have more luck with the ladies, as they see and are attracted to the new confidence you exude.

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There are 2 vital reasons why getting a bigger-sized manhood remains a priority to most men today. For a start, being bigger down there makes you much more sexually-appealing to your partner in bed. And secondly, there is no question about how much better you can satisfy your woman in bed with an adequately sized penis.

To meet this demand, manufacturers have come up with a plethora of products which are said to each be better than the others in terms of helping you grow your penis bigger.

Products such as male enhancement supplements or penile extender tools are already known to be able to give you realistic results. But they also would cost you a good few hundred dollars.

As an alternative, you can actually do away with those expensive gadgets or pills. How? By simply using your hands to literally perform exercises to your penis!

Penis exercising involves several means of enhancing your manhood...

For one, the exercising techniques help to split the cells that make up your male organ's blood chambers. Doing so allows more blood to store within the chambers, over time creating additional size to your manhood.

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But... doing exercises to your male organ does not just help enhance its physique. Here is a non-exhaustive list of benefits known to arise from exercising your penis regularly:

1) Increases the length as well as the girth of your manhood by allowing more blood to be contained in it

2) Gives your penis additional strength by improving its blood circulation and strengthening the surrounding muscles

3) Corrects any kind of undesirable curvature formed on your male organ by slowly straightening your penis's blood chambers

4) Strengthens your PC muscle which is responsible for ejaculatory control to allow you to keep going without ejaculating too early during sex

While there is abundance in benefits which you stand to get from doing penis exercises, the exercises are absolutely not complicated or difficult to carry out.

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If your penis's lack of size is somewhat affecting you from truly enjoying your sex life, don't despair. Medical studies have shown that it is indeed possible for your male organ to still grow naturally bigger. To help you realize this, here are 3 of the most easy and effective ways to grow your penis bigger naturally AND permanently!

1. Male enhancement pills

The easiest way of the lot is to simply start taking pills that are meant to stimulate your male organ into growing bigger. There are plenty of such male enhancement pills today, and they are easily available in most pharmaceutical outlets and online stores.

Most of these growth supplements provide your body with the right nutrients to make your penis gradually increase in physique. And because they are often made of only natural ingredients, side effects from taking them should not be a problem at all.

Male enhancement supplements however work rather slowly to bring about change to your penis size. Here is one way for you to get results much faster...

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2. Extender Tool

There is a special device designed to help stretch your male organ into becoming bigger. The extender tool literally stretches your penis when worn, which over time would leave your manhood naturally and permanently larger.

The device's stretching action actually causes the cells inside your penis to divide, which ultimately allows more blood to contain in it. And logically, when your male organ is able to hold more blood, it will appear physically bigger in size.

While the extender tool can help you achieve a realistic growth at a faster rate, it is not a cheap "toy" to get. So unless you are willing to spend at least a couple of hundred dollars for one, here is what I personally feel the best way to grow your penis bigger naturally...

3. Penis Enlarging Exercise

You don't need to spend any money on any special tools here. Nor do you have to wait several weeks to even start seeing a small increase in your manhood size. Penis exercising only uses your hands and can bring about a decent change in your penis size within just a couple of weeks!

The penis exercise routines basically do the same thing as what the penile extender device does to your male organ. But even better, not only does exercising help you to grow your penis bigger naturally, but also enhances your sexual strength to make sure you WILL perform well in bed!

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Having a male organ which is lacking in size can seriously affect a man's self-confidence as well as performance in bed. Thankfully though, no matter what age you may be, it is still highly possible for you to increase your penis size. These 3 methods have been proven to help grow your manhood larger in size, and have it remain bigger for good!

Method #1 - Penile Extender Tool

There are a few types of devices in the market today which are meant to make the male organ grow bigger. One of the most effective gadgets which you should look at is the penile extender tool.

The extender tool works by attaching itself to your penis shaft, and then slowly stretching it lengthwise. What this stretching action does is to cause the cells that make up your penis's main blood channels to split. This ultimately allows more blood to store in your male organ, leaving you with a physically enlarged manhood.

Granted, the penile extender can cost you a few hundred dollars each, but it remains the most effective method of permanently increasing your penis size.

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Method #2 - Male Enlargement Supplements

Besides relying on special tools to increase your penis size, there are also health supplements which you can take to stimulate the growth of your male organ.

Male enlargement supplements contain ingredients that are highly potent in making the penis naturally enlarge. And most of the supplement pills today are made of natural ingredients, which make them much safer to consume in the long run.

The one downside of taking these supplements is its relatively longer time to bring you the results you desire. Nonetheless, simply by gulping down pills is still the easiest way to potentially get your penis to grow bigger.

Method #3 - Penis Enlarging Exercises

If you do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on an extender tool, or want faster results than what enlargement supplements are capable of, try doing penis enlarging exercises.

Penis exercising works on the same principle as the extender tool, namely stretching the male organ to force the cells inside to divide. The end result is a penis which is able to hold more blood within, making it bigger in physique.

You only need the use of your hands in order to perform all the exercise routines. And it should typically take you only a few short weeks before you start seeing a distinguished improvement in your penis size!

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