We all long for silky, smooth, and youthful skin. Unfortunately, many of us are unable to achieve due to certain factors. Aging is a natural process which brings a lot of changes in our appearance. We still remember the way we used to look in our childhood. We have changed a lot as compared to that in when we were kids. Our voice and body have changed to an extent. There is nothing to worry about being old or look aged.

First of all, we need to know about the things that contribute to making our skin look aged and less youthful. Pigmentation and vascular impairments come with age. These are not the problems that you face at young ages like the late twenties. However, the appearance of fine line, wrinkles, and loose skin make us look much older than our actual age. Following are the factors that cause premature skin aging:

• Unhealthy Food

Proteins and healthy vitamins are the foundation of a healthy skin and body. Eating junk or deep fried food makes your skin look oily all the time due to excessive fats present in it. Eating raw vegetables and drinking a plenty of water increases the production of collagen which tightens your skin cells and makes it glow.

• Smoking

It is said that smoking is injurious to health. It is not only harmful to your health but also for your appearance. Cigarettes smoke contains a lot of carbon monoxide which reduces the level of oxygen in your skin by making it extremely dry.

• Repetitive Expressions

Repetitive expressions like frowning cause the appearance of worry lines and fine lines. The best way to get rid of worry lines is to control your expressions.

• Stress

Stress also plays an important role in making our skin aged and less attractive. People who live in constant tension usually don’t get enough sleep which leads to the formation of dark circles around the eyes.

• Insomnia

Insomnia is a sleeping sickness, it is a condition of not being able to sleep. A comfortable and good sleep of six to eight hours is necessary for complete and proper body functioning. Insomnia makes you look tired all the time which greatly affects the beauty of your skin.

Following are some tips that help to make your skin even more beautiful and youthful:

Avoid medications like anti-depressant and retinoids;

Use anti-aging creams like Pores No More - Anti Aging Mattifying Lotion;

Make sure you are drinking enough water;

Limit the consumption of sugar and fats in your food;

Moisturizing your skin with Xtend your Youth - Face Cream is a must;

Make sure to wear sunscreen in order to maintain your skin’s natural flexibility;

Use good-quality Beauty Products in Dubai in order to stay away from the effects of substandard products.

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