Do you know that you can easily get all the benefits of meditating without meditating?

So what kind of benefits am I talking about?

*Increased mental abilities, learning abilities and concentration…
*Greater creativity, Ah-ha! experiences and intuitive powers…
*Release of emotional blockages that sap your energy…
*Elimination of stress and stress-related symptoms such as sleeping problems, anxiety and frustration…
*Delay or reverse the aging process…

In deep meditative states, you experience profound levels of relaxation and your brain wave patterns slow down. As your mind quiets down, you enter deep mind states that have amazing powers. You increase your mind powers and accelerate physical and emotional healing in ways that will absolutely amaze you.

You can experience all the benefits of meditation—and more– by doing easy meditative-type practices —and without spending years learning how.

Many people have the false belief that the only way to experience the benefits of meditation is to actually “meditate.” A common misconception is that you need to sit in a certain position or repeat specific sounds AND do this for years before you get noticeable results.


Do you know that people who do meditative-type practices tend to have stronger problem-solving abilities than those who don’t? They also tend to have increased creativity, concentration abilities and greater mental clarity. Many scientists believe that in deeper mind states, we have the potential to use far more of our minds than the 10% that we commonly use.


Not only that, people who regularly experience deeper mind states, also tend to have less fears, anxiety, frustration and sadness.

So what happens when you feel better emotionally? You benefit from more satisfying personal and work relationships and an overall greater sense of well-being.


Do you know that each time you experience deep meditative states, your physical body undergoes amazing transformation?
Medical researchers have found that slower brain wave patterns, triggered by states of deep relaxation, dramatically affect the production of three important hormones related to both increased longevity and physical well-being: Cortisol, DHEA, and melatonin.

1. Cortisol is the major age-accelerating hormone within the brain, and has received a lot of attention recently due to Dr. Perricone’s anti-aging research. In deep states of relaxation, your cortisol level goes way down, which is good.

2. DHEA levels affect aging. When DHEA levels are low, you age faster and are more susceptible to disease. You want higher DHEA levels to slow down again. Deeper mind states produce greater levels of DHEA.

3. Melatonin is a hormone that helps to create deep, restful sleep. It contributes to rejuvenation and slows down the aging process. Melatonin increases in states of deep relaxation.

In slower brainwave patterns, the brain also produces increased levels of many beneficial brain chemicals, such as pleasure-causing endorphins that melt stress away. So you can have greater happiness in your life when you learn how to quiet your mind!

A whole new world opens up to you when you learn to quiet your mind and explore alternative forms of meditating.


You can even manifest faster when you consciously use deeper mind states. Why does manifesting speed up when using deeper mind states?

In slower brain wave patterns, your typical mind filters are bypassed and your affirmations and envisioning go directly to your sub-conscious mind. When an idea takes root in deeper mind states, you create changes at a deep level.

The more you quiet your mind and access deeper levels of consciousness, the more you can access infinite knowledge…the more you can access that inner voice that’s always there to guide you in your life.

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Mary has a degree in psychology and attended graduate school in clinical psychology. For over ten years, she has immersed herself in shamanism and ancient wisdom. Her philosophy is that we are all here to connect with our inner vision, the higher force within us that guides us and empowers us to achieve our life’s dreams. Her work reflects the view that we are here to discover the mystery and magic of life.
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