Australia has been branded as one of the most popular countries to apply for Permanent Residency (PR) Visa. Subclass 189 Visa [Skilled Independent Visa, Subclass 190 Visa [Skilled Nominated Visa] are introduced by the Immigration Authorities to facilitate interested candidates to lodge an application for Australia immigration. The Immigration Authorities [DIBP] have given out the comprehensive list of the skilled occupations through which the qualified skilled migrants will be allowed to enter Australia and work there.
Eligibility To Apply For Australian PR
There are multiple methods to lodge an application for a permanent resident visa in Australia. Sub Class 189 and Sub Class 190 would be two of the options through which an individual may apply for a skilled migration visa.

To be eligible to apply for a skilled migration visa, an individual has to satisfy the criteria of age, education, work experience, language proficiency based on which they will be awarded certain points. One must be aged between 18 to 45 years, have recent professional work experience, a very good proficiency in English, education and particular skills to meet the requirement of the Australian job market. Skilled Independent visa (Subclass 189) and Skilled nominated visa (Sub Class 190) applicants are required to gain a minimum of 60 points on a point assessment. Applicants for the Skilled Independent visa (Subclass 189) do not require sponsorship or nomination whereas applicants for Skilled nominated visa requires a nomination from a particular state in Australia.
EOI Profile Submission and Invitation to Apply (ITA)
To begin with, create your Expression of Interest [EOI] profile with your basic details and submit it through Skill select. Once the EOI profile is submitted, you can be either selected by the authorities to apply for PR or nominated by a state or territory government to be invited to apply for a PR visa.
After receiving the invitation to apply for Australia PR, you must provide appropriate documents for your PR application.
From the date of invitation, you will have 60 days to lodge your application after receiving an invitation to apply. Next, you must create your Immiaccount for uploading all the documents as per the checklist at the final stage.
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