Here are some tips about how to get back a guy after a breakup.

It can be very complicated to go through a break up. You may feel like the world has ended and you can’t move on without him but hang in there because things will get better.

If you really do want him back, it is very important that you keep a positive attitude at this time. You must be sure about why you want your ex boyfriend back because wanting him back just so you can see if you can get him back is a wrong intention. Ensure you have a really good reason of why you want to get back together with him.

To begin with, make sure you keep your emotions tamed. No man wants to be with a woman who is out of control. If you are begging him to come back for instance, you are doing more damage than good to the relationship. Let's just say your ex is starting to reconsider his action but you call and act all crazy, he will immediate conclude that breaking up with you was a good decision. Therefore, keep your emotions and yourself under control.

Hang out with your friends, live your life, read a good book, engage in activities that interest you to help you keep your mind off of him at the moment. Don't sit around wondering what he is doing because you are going to simply make yourself depressed and you are never going to get him back that way.

Another tip on how to get back a guy after a breakup is to stop contacting him. If you avoid making contact with him completely right now, he is going to start to miss you. No texts, emails, phone calls, etc. Avoid going to places you know he will be since making him wonder what you are doing and where you are is your best chance of getting him back. He is going to begin missing you and he starts trying to contact you sooner than you imagine.

This is as well very important. When your ex boyfriend does call, don’t be desperate to see him. Tell him that you’re really busy because this is going to make him realize why he initially fell in love with you. Take things gradually and when you do see him ensure you look your best but make sure you don't have any physical contact. At the most a little hug when you say goodbye and this will definitely make him crazy.

You really can get your guy back if you keep your emotions under control and take it slow. Be confident and ensure you always look your best. There is every probability that he is going to call you and when he does ensure you play hard to get but don’t overdo it.

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