How To Get Back Together After A Break Up Naturally: How To Rekindle A Relationship After A Breakup

Is break up the end of your relationship with someone you love? A break up does not means that it is the end of the thing. It is still possible to get back together, but how are you going to get back together after a break up naturally?

- Work on yourself
Before you go to get back your ex, you have to work on yourself first. Make sure you are in a positive mindset and be calm in your situation. Ensure you are not calling your ex non-stop or stalking them every day as you will deter them away by doing so. Give yourself some time to recover from your emotions.

- Understand what went wrong in the relationship
What went wrong with the relationship? You have to figure out and fix it with the best solution. It is hard to understand when you are still feeling very emotional, so do it after you feel better. The start to pave a new path to get back together after a break up naturally is to accept the fact of the break off.

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- Never try to make your ex jealous
If you want to know how to get back together after a break up naturally, you should never try to make your ex jealous. This will not work to win back your ex and you will only tarnish the hope of getting back together.

- Never give additional pressure
Never show out your neediness. You may have the urge to express your feeling to your ex that you want him or her back. If your ex is not ready, he or she may feel the pressure. Let your ex know that you are okay by yourself. At least they are able to see the strong side of yours rather than the weak side.

Once you are ready to get back your love, be ready for a meeting with your ex. Do not start talking about getting back together on the first meeting. Treat it as a meeting to know your ex better again. Make the whole meeting casual and relax.

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Loving your ex is quite natural though they have left you. But to go down begging or pleading them to come back is the last thing that will make them return. No ex wants to come back to a person who is sobbing and mopping about their relationship. But you have to deal with the fact that you still love them!

Keep your calm

If you happen to meet your ex by mistake you don't want them to see a walking corpse! Greet them happily and in high spirits. Tell them that it's great to know they're doing well and keeping happy too. However, don't be too overly chirpy, be natural and normal.

Keep contact

Keeping contact is to your benefit, if you're hoping that your ex will return to you some time. Besides you'll always have the latest in what's happening in their lives and also throw gentle hints occasionally that you miss them and hope that they will return some time.

Apply your self to improving

Every one needs to buck up and better themselves if they want to feel elated and admired by others. So see what calls for improvement and work on it till you are satisfied and others comment that they notice a change in you.

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Abstain from frequent contact

It's fine to keep in touch, but how frequent is the issue. The more you stay away or do not contact, the better. You don't want your ex turning around and hollering you to stop stalking them. You want to maintain a cordial relationship for the moment.

Take control of your life

You have to give your ex the opportunity to see that you are busy with your life and are in control of your self and your life. Your work, friends, sports, recreation and other social activities should show that you don't have the time to miss your ex.

Give them space

Staying out of the life of your ex only goes to show them that you respect their space. As a matter of fact, they will appreciate and think highly of you and will be drawn towards you once again. They will realize that you're such a wonderful person and would like to return.

Returning to you

Your gentle concern and approach to this whole thing will make your ex realize their foolishness in leaving you. Soon they will find ways of contacting you and keeping in touch more often than you expected, just because they wish to return to you.

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The main bit of advice that you will get after a break up is to stay away from your ex for a while. Taking time away from your ex is very important when you want to get your ex back at some point. The thing is though, if you and your ex get together to talk things over too soon after the break up, you will only end up arguing again.

This is because your emotions are still raw after the break up, and there is still so much pain and anger inside you towards each other. Staying away from each other for a while will prevent these bad feelings from escalating, and will instead, give them a chance to cool down. Once this has happened, then you can try to get your ex back.

Instead of sitting around trying to figure out how you are going to get your ex to talk to you, just accept that things are a little awkward right now, and do something else to keep yourself busy. For instance, get back into that hobby that you obviously put on hold during your relationship, or simply spend as much time as possible with your family and friends.

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Carry on like this until it gets to a stage where you are thinking more positively about life and your ex as well. If you are thinking lovingly about your ex, instead of in an angry way, then you are well on your way to being healed after the break up. This is when you can start thinking about a way to get your ex back.

There were obviously problems in your relationship, or you wouldn't have broken up. These problems have to be fixed first, before you can even think of getting back together again. Call up your ex and apologize for any mistakes that you might have made in the relationship. Say that you still love him/her deeply and want to fix any mistakes that you have caused in the past.

This will probably make your ex want to do the same - if you are willing to fix your problems, then it is only fair that he/she makes an effort to fix his/hers as well. Now you can talk easily with your ex without arguing, which means that you will have a much better chance to get your ex back as well.

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Your ex talks to you and tries to meet with you - The very fact that your ex still keeps in contact with you means that they are not over you. You see, after a breakup, if your ex really didn't like you anymore, he/she would have cut off all contact from you. But since your ex has not, it likely means that your ex is unsure about what to do with you, and likely is trying to give you some chances to prove that you are what he/she wants still.

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Your ex always talks about the past - Anytime you find them reminiscing about places you went together or things you did together, then be certain that your ex still likes you. You see, when someone talks about the past, especially in a good way, it means they are not over you. You may also find your ex talking about habits or things you did that they found cute or they liked, and this is because they miss you and miss being in your company. This is your ex's way of expressing that he/she still likes you and likely wants you back.

He/she gives you things - Your ex would do favors for you at the drop of the hat, and if you ever needed anything, he/she would be glad to help. This is an obvious sign that your ex cares about you. You may also find that your ex gives you gifts, buys you things and is always trying to help you out and direct you to a good path. This is because your ex is concerned for you and cares so much that they want to see you happy still.

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