Like 6 pack abs, biceps are one of those muscle groups that are much talked about and having big biceps is something every guy wants.

To develop big biceps in the shortest time, make sure you train them the right way. Otherwise, you'll just be wasting your time and it'll take a very long time before you see the results you desire. The bicep muscle is made up of four parts, the inner, lower, upper and outer bicep. Make sure when you workout, you train each of it's parts to efficiently build bigger, stronger and more powerful biceps fast. The key to building big biceps is to specifically focus on each part. How? Do exercises that work out each part of the bicep individually and also exercises that work out multiple parts of the bicep muscle simultaneously.

To build big biceps effectively and efficiently, follow these three simple tips and you'll be sporting big guns in no time.

Proper Form Is Key
Using proper form is essential to all strength training exercises. If you focus on performing the exercise correctly, big biceps will result. When you don't use good form, you don't stimulate the deep muscle tissue required to build bigger biceps. With poor form you'll be using other muscles instead of specifically targeting the ones you should be focused on building.

Focus on Quality
Remember, quality is more effective and efficient than quantity. For example, compare lifting 40 pounds 10 times with poor form versus lifting 40 pounds six times with proper form. You'll notice considerably better results with the latter. Focus on good form and big biceps will quickly develop.

Cheat Only When You Have To
Cheating on your biceps (using poor form or using other muscles to help) is a common problem when doing bicep strengthening routines. If you don't pay close attention to your form, you may find yourself cheating. It's important to isolate the bicep muscle, so focus on lifting the weight using your biceps and only your biceps. Don't put your shoulder into it to assist you with the lift. Once your biceps have failed, meaning you have worked your biceps to failure and you're trying to complete a few more reps, then it's OK to cheat a little to get through. But do this only after your biceps have failed.

Best Exercises for Bigger Biceps

Dumbbell Bicep Curl
Start with dumbbells at your sides and with your shoulders held tightly at your sides, leaving some space in between and making sure they aren’t directly pressing against your waist or hips (which can lead to cheating). Slowly pull the dumbbells up toward your chest. You can do both sides at the same time or alternate side.

Concentration Curls
Start by sitting on a bench with your legs apart. Grab a dumbbell in one hand. Place your elbow on your inner thigh. Start from the very bottom and slowly pull upward toward your chest. Place your other hand on the other thigh for more support.

Preacher Curls
Start by sitting on a preacher curl bench with a curled barbell on the stand. Place your elbows on the pad in front of you and take the barbell into your hands at the curve. Hold it as it sits on the stand and make sure that it doesn’t move or twirl in your hands. Slowly pull upward toward your face and repeat. Widen your grip to work a different part of the bicep.

Hammer Curls
Start with two dumbbell like a regular dumbbell bicep curl. Keep your hand stationary and without twisting your hand, pull the dumbbell up. Your palms should be facing inward, toward your body. Keep the same form as a regular dumbbell bicep curl but make sure that your hand stays with your palms facing outward.

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