Are you going to China in the summers? Yes, you are. May be you are going on a business trip, or you might be visiting the ancestral family or you are simply going for a vacation to enjoy. You need to apply for the Chinese Visa in Los Angeles prior to many weeks before you start packing your boxes.

You will come across some of the popular Visa services in Los Angeles CA that we do not want that you return from the airport since you are missing a Visa. It is mandatory to have a Chinese Visa for the United States citizens.
Recently, you will see on the news that the Chinese Consulate has started to issues 10-year multiple entry visas for the tourists instead of the one-year multiple visas. The cost of the Visa is around $140 which is a blessing in disguise as it will last for more than ten years. So if you are going to China in 201, then you need to know the correct steps to get a China Visa in Los Angeles.

Here are the steps that you need to follow –

Step 1

You need to fill the Chinese visa application form in the capital /block letters. Any blank spaces will where you do not require writing, just fill out space with N/A

Step 2

You need to take a print out of the visa application and make you check the application form before submission

Step 3

You need to fix on passport size photograph in the front of the page and make sure that you under sign and mention the date on the last page of the form

Step 4

You need to take a print out of the confirmed trip and the airfare itinerary

Step 5

You need to go to the Chinese Consulate in Los Angeles and carrying those printed and signed visa application. Make sure the photograph is their affixed and you are having the printed part of the flight itinerary. Never forget to bring your passport and you need to check the hours on the website as well.

Step 6

To reach to the Chinese consulate for a China Visa in Los Angeles, you need to take the lift to the third floor and reach before 9 AM in the morning to avoid the long queue.

Step 7

Here you need to go through the metal detector and they will ask for the purpose of visit. They will give you a token number, which appears on the screen after few moments.

Step 8

After you are called, go to the mentioned window and submit all the application, from and paperwork. They will give you an update in next four business days.
Visa services in Los Angeles CA will help you to save your time and will allow you to enable an expedite services right at your home. You will get your Chinese Visa in Los Angeles without the leaving the comfort of your home. This will help you to reduce your hassle to get a visa to China.

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