When building your pipeline, there will be times you do all the right things like speak to groups, network and build your list. Yet, prospects are not saying yes and becoming clients. That means you probably have more time than money coming in.

Now, I’m not a fan of lowering your prices, but sometimes you need to have an option that is more entry-level and a bit more affordable. So, if your packages are $997, $2,500 and $5,000 and people are not signing up, give them a chance to work with you for under $500. You can get clients by offering them a way to put their toe in the water to work with you.

The key is to start bringing in some money to get the momentum going, while you have more time than money. An entry level option is a great way to fill the time you have available. Think about what you are willing to do to get clients in the door.

The reason this works is because you need really yummy testimonials on your website and in your marketing materials to encourage other prospects to work with you. Once you get clients who have success with your method, even at a lower price, their positive experience helps new prospects feel more comfortable signing up with you.

Another piece to get clients and build your pipeline is to make sure you use the sale closing process. Have them answer the questions in the preparation for call email. Then go through these questions once on the get acquainted call. Taking prospects through this system works.

The last piece of the puzzle is to remember you are not trying to convince people to work with you. That can actually be repulsive as they may think you are desperate. You have to really believe in your program. Once a client says yes to working with you, you are going to throw your heart and soul into making sure they get everything they need to get the results they want. You talk about this with conviction.

Here’s the most important thing about selling: Successful selling is the transference of confidence from one person to another. That’s why you need to convey plenty of confidence in what you offer to prospects.

Your Assignment:
What can you do to build confidence in your programs? Think about the success your clients have when they work for you and how you solve the problem that keeps them up at 2am. Before you pick up the phone for a scheduled get acquainted call, take a moment to visualize and feel your confidence to set the tone for the session. That will help you get clients!

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