How to get ex girlfriend back when you live long distance from each other can be tricky. When the relationship ended, she chose to move away, as in a different state or city! Or maybe you’ve always lived long distance and she feels like it isn’t working out that’s why she broke up with you. But don’t worry, there are things you can do so that the two of you can get back together.

But first, you need to think about your situation. Have you ever been in this situation before? Were there times when you fought and she lived long distance for a while? Or did she have enough of the long distance relationship and just called it quits?

Long distance can be very hard on any relationship. You may have a strong bond with her but sometimes you just help wishing that she’s here with you. Plus, if she’s here with you, then it would be a lot easier to woo her back. Not to worry because you can make this work.

Why did she call it quits?

First, find out why she broke up with you. If she broke up and moved away to distance herself from you, think about the real reason for the breakup. Did she move away because of her career and you can’t just leave yours behind? Or maybe she just needs space and she’s just not ready to live closer to you again.

If she lives long distance and then you broke up then find out what happened. It worked before so you still had a relationship even if it is long distance. So why did it end now? Was the distance too much for her and she just really misses you? Or was it too hard to make the relationship work because of the distance?

Don’t let the miles stop you

A few miles can make it harder to win her back or make the relationship work, but it’s not impossible. You just have to have an open mind and be determined to win her back. Whatever the reason for your breakup was, keep a positive mind and tell yourself that there’s still hope. You can’t let a few miles get in the way of getting your ex girl back.

There’s this thing called “technology”

We live in time and place where the words “cyber” and technology are common. You no longer have to depend on snail mails just to keep in touch with your ex.

If you’re trying to get your girl back long distance, then the phone and Internet can be your friends. Of course, the no contact rule still applies after a breakup. But once you’ve given her and yourself some time to heal, pick up the phone and call her. You can also send her an email or a text message. That way, you can practice what you say and avoid being nervous while talking to her.

If she’s living far away because of her work, then you can even convince her that long distance relationships can work thanks to technology. You have webcam and Skype and you can easily chat. Tell her that you’ll both make it work and that you will take some time off to visit each other so that you can spend time together.

If she broke up with you before she moved away, then make sure your calls or your messages count. Grab her attention because there’s a chance that she’s also thinking about you too. Now that she’s far away, a simple text message from you can make her smile because it shows that even if you’re miles apart, you’re still thinking about her.

If you want to know how to get ex girlfriend back if she’s long distance, just remember to think positive. Tell yourself that you can make it work and that you’ll find a way to woo her back.

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